Write for Us – Home Decor, Food, & Travel Guest Post Opportunities!

Gild Decor is accepting submissions of authors from all around the world. We have a professional team of writers that supply high-quality material on a variety of niches. If you are an experienced writer interested in joining our team, please email us at [email protected].

You should be aware that we do not compromise on content quality, but you do not have to be an expert in every area. If you are strong at writing about technology or any other specialized specialty, please indicate it in your application. For the time being, we are accepting articles in the following niches:

  • Business.
  • Entertainment.
  • Lifestyle.
  • The Life of a Celebrity.
  • Education.
  • Health.
  • Technology.
  • Decoration of the house.
  • Cryptocurrency.
  • Sports.
  • Food.
  • Travel.

Write for Us Rules and Regulations

If you wish to join our team, we want you to supply correct and up-to-date information; if we uncover any fake information in your post, your work will be rejected. The following are the guidelines you must observe while working with us: 

  • Avoid writing extraneous information and keep your material accurate and relevant. At least 700 words, but not fewer, should be included in your article.
  • There must be no plagiarism in your work, and you must compose it entirely from scratch.
  • We do not allow paraphrasing from various tools, and if we detect any spun plagiarism in your text, we will reject it.
  • You must correct all grammatical problems and double-check your work before submitting it.

Things to Keep in Mind While Writing For Us

We only accept guest authors who are passionate about producing material; if you believe you are a good fit, please contact us at the above email address. However, instead of employing software, conduct thorough research and write in your own words.

When submitting your application, only include relevant information; do not include stories or extensive pages because they are not required. Instead, only provide us with some information about your experience and education.

Please be patient after submitting your application; we receive a large number of applications from authors; therefore, the hiring procedure takes time. Don’t worry; we will respond to you sooner or later.

How to Apply For Work With Us as a Writer?

Do you ever wonder why someone would read your material if it has the same old facts as everyone else’s? As you can see, thorough research, data collecting, and distinctiveness distinguish your work from the competition. These tips will assist you in creating more interesting content and attracting readers.

But the most crucial factor is your writing style, so strive to generate innovative stuff that makes people feel good while reading it and keeps them from becoming bored. Any grammatical errors or plagiarism may result in your dismissal from our team, which we do not desire, so do not duplicate anything and be aware that plagiarism is forbidden.

Recommendations for Guest Posting

Glid decor is delighted to share all of the secrets to writing a successful blog post with you. As a result, we have some suggestions for our guests who want to write for us. Keep these suggestions and techniques in mind if you want a higher possibility of your blog post being featured on our website next. Here are some suggestions made just for you!

If you have a lot of writing expertise, you should try to produce longer and more interesting articles.

Keep in mind that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a science that will help your content rank higher than everyone else’s. When creating an article, the most important thing to remember is to employ primary and secondary keywords effectively.

In the case of writing, the first impression is frequently the last. As a result, make sure you write an appealing opening paragraph and introduction to keep your reader’s attention.

If you want your audience to comprehend your message and concepts clearly, you must conduct an extensive study.

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