7 Best Practices to An Effective TikTok Ad Strategy

Wondering how to make your TikTok ad strategy a success?

Here are the best practices to maximize the ROAS of your campaigns What’s a TikTok Ad Strategy and Why is it Important?  Types of TikTok Ads and Which Ones Work Best Organic vs. Paid Advertising on TikTok

In the last five years, TikTok has witnessed a rapid growth in the number of users signing up on the platform.

It’s reportedly one of the fastest-growing social media platforms of . Followers on Tiktok

With its rising popularity, TikTok has presented a unique opportunity for brands who want to connect with their target audience on the platform.

Have you been thinking about joining the trend but can’t seem to figure it out?

We feel you!

We created this guide to show you how to advertise on TikTok successfully.

More precisely, we’ll cover:

Why having a TikTok ad strategy is important
Types of TikTok ads
Best practices
In addition to that, we have a FAQ section you can go through for more clarity.

We should get TikToking!

Table of Contents
What’s a TikTok Ad Strategy and Why is it Important?

7 Types of TikTok Ads (and Which Ones Work Best)

Organic vs. Paid Advertising on TikTok

7 TikTok Advertising Best Practices (Paid and Organic Ads)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s a TikTok Ad Strategy and Why is it Important?

A TikTok ad strategy is a detailed plan designed to persuade your target audience into choosing your product or service over that of your competitors using ads. In other words, it’s creating and running ads on TikTok with an objective in mind.

So, what are TikTok ads?

They are primarily sponsored videos that brands create to reach their audience.

And running ads on the video-sharing app is an effective marketing strategy for your business.

We’re not just saying that!

You see, there’s a reason why the hashtag #tiktokmademebuyit keeps trending with the number of monthly active users increasing. Because it keeps generating views and driving sales.

Plus, 24% of marketers in a 2022 social trends survey considered TikTok as a viable option for them to reach their marketing goals compared to 3% the previous year. That’s like a 700% increase in less than 24 months!

To give you a better idea, TikTok ads can help your business to:

Increase brand awareness
Build online communities
Provide customer service
Advertise your products or services to your customers
Increase sales or app installs
Similar to other social media platforms, to start marketing your product or service on TikTok, you need to begin by creating a plan. In this case, it’s the ad strategy.

Why is having a TikTok ad strategy important?

It can make a huge difference to the results of your marketing campaign so you get value for your money.

Also considering the advertising potential on TikTok with the number of users exceeding 1 billion and expected to keep growing, having an ad strategy will help you reach out to the right people.

If your target audience and TikTok’s user demographics overlap, you can be certain that your brand’s marketing campaign will produce the right type of results.

Keep in mind that the ad strategy for each marketing campaign has to be unique and you can do that through ad testing.

Now, how about we look at different types of TikTok ads so you can figure out which will work best for your ad strategy?

7 Types of TikTok Ads (and Which Ones Work Best)
Creating an ad strategy involves a lot of creativity – you’ll need to understand your campaign objectives, target audience, and what type of ads they’ll love.

But TikTok ads are videos; won’t any type of video do?

Well, they would but at the same time you want to see your returns on ad spend, right?

If so, then you don’t want to leave your ad campaign to chance as choosing the right format with your goals in mind can determine how successful your campaign will be.

There are various types of TikTok ads you can use when creating an ad campaign.

Each serves a unique purpose and suits a variety of campaign objectives.

We’ll discuss them in a jiffy – so you know which one works best.

1. Top View Ads
TopView ads is a full-screen 60-second video that offers an immersive viewing experience for users.

This ad format presents your brand in an unmissable format so that it captures the user’s attention the moment they open the video app.

Wanna know what’s more interesting?

It has no other content competing when it’s on display so nothing interrupts your audience while they are viewing it.

Plus, you are guaranteed millions of views within 24 hours of launching it.

TopView ads, according to TikTok, are more engaging and more attention-grabbing with over 70% of users confirming that.

An example of a TopView ad is displayed below – promoting Balenciaga’s luxury bag.

Image Source: TikTok

Speaking of effectiveness, brands that sell consumer packaged goods have seen a 67% increase in sales when using TopView compared to other types.

2. Collection Ads
The second type of TikTok ad we’ll have a look at is the collection ad.

This is a type of in-feed ad that sends your customers directly to an instant gallery page.

There they can access your products without having to leave the app.

Unlike regular ads that require customers to leave TikTok, collection ads permit brand owners to promote a branded video featuring some product tiles at the bottom that lead to an Instant Gallery Page.

Is there anything special about this ad type?

For one, it gives users engaging browsing and shopping experiences.

It’s not available to every user or market yet.  https://gilddecor.com/



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