When and How to Buy Alarm Clock for kids?

The kids’ alarm clock has many benefits, and with advancements in technology, its benefits are increasing. One of the major benefits is keeping sleep schedules regular. Different alarm clocks have different functionalities that can help kids in different ways. Though there are many benefits of using an alarm clock, for babies and toddlers is not a good option.

Let us understand how.

1. It takes too much effort to put babies to sleep, and waking them up by some sound can irritate them. They naturally wake up when hungry, need a diaper change or seek some comfort from their parents. They have the ability to self-soothe.

2. Too young babies do not take continuous sleep. They sleep in blocks, and that is natural. Hence, using an alarm clock at such a small age is pointless.

We all know it is important to give kids sleep training but not by using an alarm clock. These alarm clocks are not meant for babies younger than three years old. The best you can do is use traditional methods like making them sleep early at night and be patient for them to adapt.

What should be the proper age for kids to use alarm clocks?

Well, this question must be in every parent’s mind who is eager to teach their toddlers the value of time. With so many responsibilities over parents, parents need to make their kids self-dependent, especially when it comes to waking up on time. However, just an alarm clock doesn’t solve all the problems. Parents still need to implement a good routine and enforce wake-up time. kids wake up clock

As parents, we should inculcate good habits that will help kids to have a peaceful sleep to wake up on time.

1. Set an appropriate bedtime for them to get a proper 8-10 hours of sleep every night

2. Make sure they eat a full dinner so that they don’t wake up hungry.

3. Limit their playtime, set the rules and communicate the expectations with them.

4. Set the wake-up time on the alarm clock.

To make children understand the concept of a disciplined life, parents should follow a disciplined lifestyle too. Kids wake up clock should only be used when your child is at least 4-5 years old. Using an alarm clock before that is the point as it may disturb or irritate the child and may create sleeping issues instead of fixing it.

Even after a certain age, say 4-5 years, look for alarm clocks that are child friendly and do not harm the child when kept in the room.

How to choose the best alarm clock for your kids?

Age Range:

Look for clocks that are appropriate for your kid’s age, and help them in the development of their brain and understanding. kids alarm clock


Choose the device wisely. Look for the one that can train your child when to get out of bed and when to sleep. Also, make sure that it has a sweet sound to wake your kids gently in the morning instead of making irritating noises.


Stick to your budget. Avoid spending too much, unless it has some more meaningful functions that might help your child learn other important things.

Some of the best and cheap alarm clocks for kids

1. Teach Me Time! Talking Alarm Clock & Nightlight:

One of the most popular alarm clocks for kids that not only helps in setting a sleeping schedule but also teaches kids about how to tell time on both digital and analog displays. The clock can be used by 3 years old to 9 years old.

2. Sunrise Alarm Clock:

Good for both light and heavy sleepers. It has multiple benefits such as unique soft sound with 20 brightness levels.  It can also be used as a bedside lamp and is cost-efficient for the long run.

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