What to know: 5 considerations when building a shed

The great Aussie shed is a dream for anyone who needs storage space. Regardless of the application: home DIY, farming, industrial, whatever, anyone can benefit from having that awesome extra storage space on their property!

But to build the perfect structure you must choose one based on its application. Why do you need it? And what kind of configuration will accommodate your needs?

These are just two of the main considerations when building top quality sheds on your property, but let’s take a more in-depth look at the questions you need to ask below:

  • Check your local building requirements

Every Aussie council has its own regulations when it comes to building on your property. These regulations affect what kind of structures you can build, their size, where you can place on your property etc.

You must check with your local council that your intended design meets these codes, as you will no doubt be aware of the horror stories concerning people who build their designs only to have the council tell them to take them down because they didn’t meet local guidelines!

  • Choose the right size & design for your needs

There are many different styles for the many different applications that need them: farming, industrial, suburban storage etc. It is up to you to choose the right size and design to fit your needs.

Naturally, choosing the right size is imperative because you don’t want to blow your budget on a design that is going to take up unnecessary space. Therefore, choosing a size and design should always be based upon utility: will it produce a great return on investment in the future? Will it hold all my DIY equipment without taking up the kids’ outdoor play space?

Each household has specific needs, so consider these before enlisting the experts.

  • Choose its location

Next, it’s time to choose your structure’s location. The last thing you want is to place your design in an unsuitable location, so be sure that the place you choose is fitting for its application. For example, if you run a farm then you will want to place the shed where you can easily move your heavy farming machinery to and from the shed. If you’re an avid gardener then it is a good idea to keep the design right near when you will be doing the bulk of your gardening etc.

  • Are there any issues where you want to build?

People often forget to check the location’s immediate surroundings when building their design. However, failure to do so could result in a myriad of structural risks and issues further down the track. Things like dangerous branches and tree roots can cause all kinds of structural issues, so be sure to check for them before building. What’s more, ensure that the site has quality drainage and is level, as subpar drainage can also cause structural issues in the near-future.

  • Design an organised shed

Once your awesome shed design has been built it’s time to think about its organisational integrity – how are you going to organise this stunning new home addition? There are numerous ways it can be done and once again it’s relative to your needs. Storage boxes, hooks and cabinets are just some of the appendages you might need to organise the perfect space, so do your research and consider what you need and where – it makes a world of difference in the long run!

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