What Are the Types of Proportional Flow Control Valves?

There isn’t doubt that proportional flow control valves offer numerous advantages compare to mechanical pressure controller. The mechanical pressure controllers are programs to manage the downstream pressure and provide the constant flow rate of the liquids and gass. In contrast, the proportional flow control valve pneumatic provides much better precision and dynamic control of the outgoing pressure by utilizing the controlling signals. There are different types of flow control valves available in the market. Gate valves globe valve, pinch valves, diaphragm valves, and check valves are some major categories. We can discuss more details related to these types in this section.


What Are the Components of a Variable Valve?

  • proportional solenoid
  • The measurement area is where the valve core is place.
  • The electronic position feedback device

Proportional valve can control hydraulic cylinder or motor in application that require precise speed control. such as acceleration and deceleration. Proportional flow control valves are pressure compensate to reduce flow variation caused by changes in inlet and outlet pressure. The proportional solenoid is use to actuate the valve spool on proportional valves. Basical it varies the valve timing by shifting the phase angle of camshaft. For example at high speed. The inlet camshaft will be rotate in advance by 30° so to enable earlier intake. This movement is controlle by the engine management system according to need and actuate by hydraulic valve gears.

 The proportional valve core is designed with a V-groove to allow fluid flow control. Actuator speed and controlling the fluid flow direction with a single valve. Then we can control the flow direction and speed of the actuator with the same valve. The spool does not go all the way at once, so the proportional valve can control the acceleration and deceleration of the actuator.

 The electronic component of the proportional valve controls the solenoid to the specified value. Ensures a controlled build-up and drop-in control pressure. All analog values ​​(small values, measure values) are digitize and use to calculate present values.


How Many Types of Proportional Control Valves Are There?

  • Proportional Directional Control Valve
  • proportional flow control valve
  • the proportional pressure relief valve
  • Proportional Pressure Reducing Valve
  • Proportional Directional Control Valve

 Proportional directional valves are used in a variety of hydraulic applications. Some type of direct current proportional valves (DCV) do not provide spool response for both open-loop and manual control applications. Direct or Pilot This type of directional high-pressure flow control valve has good accuracy and will perform optimally in many closed-loop applications. Unlike gate valves butterfly valves can be use for throttling or regulate flow as well as in the fully open and fully close position. The pressure loss through a butterfly valve is small in comparison with the gate valve.

 Air Proportional Flow Control Valve:

 This type of flow adjustment valve has an electronically adjustable orifice with pressure compensation. The pressure difference in the throttle chamber is regulate by the compressor include in it. This will stabilize the flow or speed of the actuator as the load changes.

 Proportional Pressure Relief Valve:

 These valves are used for remote pressure adjustment by the electrical method. The rise and fall of pressure are time-dependent; in this way, the pressure can be change using an electrical signal corresponding to the requirement of the process. These valves limit the hydraulic pressure in the hydraulic circuit, and the set limit is adjuste electronicall. During the pressure reduction process excess flow is returne to the hydraulic storage tank to improve the machine efficiency.

 Proportional Pressure Reducing Valve:

 By controlling the final voltage in the branch circuit. The proportional pressure reducing valve adjusts the limit set by electronic control. This electric needle valve can reduce the impact of pressure change due to different flow rates.





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