West Facing House Vastu Plan: Why It’s Best

There is a new trend in architecture – West-facing houses. Proponents of this trend claim that the West Facing House Vastu Plan is the best for your health and wealth. In this article, we will discuss the reasons why west-facing houses are best for you.

The main entrance door of a west-facing house opens in the west direction. The warm evening sun may be enjoyed from the west-facing house. The west-facing houses offer several benefits, including the ability to generate more money and success and the prevention of enemies.

What is a West Facing House Vastu Plan?

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A west-facing house is one that has the main entrance facing west. Finding the proper direction of your home requires the use of a compass, and it’s the first step to a nice Vastu residence. Hold the compass flat outside your home, with your back facing the major gate. Write down the direction your house faces, as indicated by the compass after magnetic north.

To know the proper orientation of your home, you might also enlist the aid of an architect. If your home is west-facing and you’re prepared, you can take care of some small concerns to avoid any bad luck in the house once you understand the direction.

If you wondering how to create a West Facing House Vastu plan? Incorporating the appropriate design principles based on Vastu Shastra can make it auspicious. For designing your rooms and entrance, here are some Vastu tips.

Vastu Plan For Main Door

You should make sure that the main entrance and your house’s door are located in the mid-west or northern half of your property if you have a west-facing home. It is also an excellent idea to use a metal item like a nameplate or door ornament. Make sure there aren’t any dustbins or damaged furniture near the entrance or in the main entry area and make sure it’s a clutter-free zone.

According to west facing house Vastu, having the main gate at the seventh, eighth, and ninth padas is prohibited because it is considered the corner of the devil’s energy that brings difficulties and sorrows. According to Vastu for west-facing homes, the fifth and sixth pada is the finest for the main entrance.

Vastu Plan For Master Bedroom 

According to the Vastu shastra, for west-facing houses, bedrooms should be oriented in the south-western direction. It is thought that understanding and compatibility between partners improve as a result.

The bedroom should be on the top level if your home is multi-story. This promotes peace, success, and positiveness in the home by ensuring harmony.

Vastu Kitchen Plan

Don’t put your kitchen in the southwest corner of the house. This will increase the area’s warmth and positive properties if you choose one of the house’s southeast or northwest zones. Make sure that the cooktop faces east, which is ideal when cooking, and that your kitchen countertop does as well.

The kitchen should also not be located underneath or over the puja room, bedroom, or toilet, according to the Vastu shastra for west-facing dwellings. The kitchen is ideally located in the southeast corner.

Vastu Plan For Living Room

Your west-facing home should face east, north, or north-east, with a north-west orientation being acceptable as well. According to the west facing house Vastu plan, placing substantial furniture in the southwest or west aspect of a west-facing property is also recommended.

Wall Colors According To Vastu

The ideal hues for west-facing homes are white, silver, yellow, and beige, according to the Vastu plan for west-facing homes. They’re ideal for west-facing residences that want to concentrate on boosting the beneficial energy flowing from the west since they’re neutral tone hues.

Off-white and cream are Vastu-neutral colors, and you may use them for west-facing houses. Try to avoid using too many bright tones or colors.

Advantages of the West Facing House Vastu Plan

  • The warmth and brilliance of the evening sun may be enjoyed until late in the day, which will boost your mood, with a west-facing residence.
  • Politicians, business owners, instructors, and religious leaders are thought to be suited for west-facing residences.
  • Since it stimulates energy and joy while focusing on the lives of youngsters, it is thought to be appropriate for them.

Is West Facing House Vastu Plan Good?

It’s been said that a west-facing house Vastu or even a north-facing home is bad luck and brings about all sorts of misfortune. However, even in a west-facing house design, you may follow the west-facing Vastu plan and make it an auspicious location just like any other.

The west is not considered to be an unlucky direction in Vastu Shastra. All orientations are equally beneficial for a house, according to Vastu Shastra. The position of the front or major entry is, however, the most important factor in Vastu for your home.

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