Most effective ways to build trust in employees

A trustworthy leader is someone whom employees feel they can trust. Trust is a result of honesty and accountability. People are more likely to work towards goals when they feel their boss trusts them. And if employees feel they are being treated as responsible adults, they are more likely to be loyal to them.

There are several effective ways to engage employees and build trust in your team. Some ways include public recognition, engagement, and leading by example. Try to implement talent acquisition strategies that attract, grow and retain employees. It may surprise you that the best way to engage employees is to engage them in the process of decision-making.

Here are some of the best ways to build trust in employees:

#1. Public Recognition 

Public recognition can go a long way in building trust between managers and employees. It can be done in various ways, including prizes and other rewards for exemplary performance. This is especially effective in teams, where members can share shoutouts and recognize colleagues. Public recognition is a powerful way to foster a sense of team ownership and loyalty.

Regarding public recognition, managers should give credit publicly and intentionally look for opportunities to reiterate good work. Employees will be motivated and feel valued if they are surrounded by people who share their values and strive for perfection. The goal is to create a culture where employee recognition is a priority and part of a continuous learning process. However, public recognition should not be a one-time event. Instead, it should be a long-term process involving a variety of different people and different levels of the organization.

#2. Engagement 

Employee engagement programs are a great way to improve your employee morale and satisfaction. You can encourage your staff to participate in employee recognition activities by creating a wall dedicated to positive comments.

You can decorate it with colorful sticky notes or use black and white paper. Your team can write messages on them and stick them to the wall to show their appreciation. You can also implement this activity over shared channels so that all team members are involved. Research has shown that high employee engagement results in increased productivity, reduced turnover, and higher trust.

#3. Showing That You Make Logical Decisions 

Regardless of the situation, showing that you make logical decisions is one of the best ways to build trust with your employees. Employees may question your competence if a decision doesn’t work out. However, managers who demonstrate sound logic will be trusted no matter what. Building trust with employees takes ongoing effort, so it’s important to demonstrate your logical decisions frequently.

When presenting yourself at an interview, show the hiring manager that you can make good decisions, follow a plan, and always make good choices. You can demonstrate this by giving an example of an effective decision-making process. Make sure the example relates to the job you’re interviewing for. Showing you apply logic in making decisions can help you land the job you’ve been dreaming of.

#4. Leading By Example 

As a leader, you must set an example for your team. If you say one thing but do something completely different, this will not only hurt your team’s morale but will also create a culture that is not conducive to trust. It will also result in decreased employee morale, which leads to higher turnover and less productivity. Instead of trying to manage your team, led by example and encourage them to take the initiative and follow your example.

While it may seem challenging to lead by example, it is essential to model the values that you want your team to embrace. Showing your team that you are open and vulnerable is an excellent way to build trust. Acknowledge your weaknesses and make sure you learn from them. This will set a positive example for the rest of the team and demonstrate integrity and honesty.

#5. Following Through on Your Promises 

The easiest way to build employee trust is by following through on your promises. Employees will only trust you if you follow through on what you promise. People have a difficult time trusting a manager who makes unfulfilled promises. They need to feel that you trust them and are not just trying to control them. When you make a commitment to an employee, you must follow through on it.

The consequences of broken promises can be serious and affect a person’s motivation. Keeping your word will establish trust with your employees and ensure workplace safety. People will positively see you as a trustworthy leader if you always follow through on your promises. It will also protect your reputation as a trustworthy manager. So, follow through on your promises if you want to maintain your reputation in the workplace.

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