Touchless car wash: how can I do them myself?

If you look at an average car on a sunny afternoon, you’ll notice that many of the painted panels are covered with swirls and scratches that create a flat appearance that can make any colour seem dull. You may be surprised to know that the majority of small scratches on your car were caused by washing it.

It’s easy to see why there is a huge market for shampoos, towels, and grit protectors. These products are designed to reduce the chances of tiny scratches appearing on a car’s paintwork. A wash mitt can get caught between two pieces of grit, leaving a scratch in the clear coat. Although it’s not fatal, you will have to polish your car if you get too much.

There’s a smart washing method that you can use to make sure your car doesn’t get scratched: a touchless wash.

What exactly is a touchless car wash?

The name suggests that you should not touch the car while it is being washed. Instead, use a foam lance or pressure washer to wash the car with chemicals. Then let your hands dry and the pressure washer do the rest. As pressurised water is the most aggressive force that you will use, it will completely eliminate any chances of scratches.

How can I wash my car in a completely automatic manner?

Before doing a touchless car wash, you should first inspect the condition of your vehicle. Heavy-duty cars will not be suitable for touchless washing because baked-in contaminants may require some mechanical cleaning to remove. Chemical cleaning alone will not cut them through. However, if your car is not very dirty (or protected by a sealant), then it will be possible to wash the car without any effort.

It is important to keep the car out of direct sun and that the panels are kept cool. This is because cleaning products will have a longer dwell time to work effectively. To prevent paint from drying out, you need to keep the paint protected.

Step 1: Rinse

You can wash your car only with water. This is where you want to loosen and remove more mud and grime. It will make your life much easier when you use cleaning products. While most domestic pressure washers are safe for the paintwork, 140 Bar is enough to clean a car.

Nilfisk Core 140 Bar High-Pressure Washer

Best pressure washer for touchless washing

Bilt Hamber Auto-Foam

Auto-Foam, a high-performing snow foam from Bilt Hamber, is easy-to-use, cleans well, is biodegradable, and gentle on dirt. It may not be the thickest but it is washable and can take all debris.

Step three: Washing

This is the most important difference between a regular and touchless car wash. Instead of filling up buckets with shampoo, choose one that can easily be applied using a foam canon. Let the shampoo sit on the car for at least two minutes after it has been applied. Rinse off with water. It’s not necessary to scrub your car with a detailing toothbrush. The detergents in shampoos should be strong enough for proper cleaning.

NanotechSST Nano Wash Auto

Nano Wash Auto is an excellent shampoo that can be applied via a foam lance. It is very lubricating and not at all sudsy. You can rinse it off easily, and it leaves behind a deep glossiness.

Step four: Protecting

It’s an optional step but still worthwhile. A pressure washer will protect your car and keep it cleaner longer. They will make a difference, even though they may not last more than a few weeks. Follow the instructions and rinse thoroughly to remove any product.

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