TMC Property Tax: Thane Municipal Corporation Tax

Thane Property Tax or TMC Property Tax is a direct tax levied by the Thane Municipal Corporation on residential or commercial properties in the city. Thane Property Tax is collected by the Municipal Corporation every year. It is one of the sources of income of Thane Municipal Corporation. Let us understand in this blog, how you can pay TMC property tax bill and how it is calculated.

Every city including Thane city levies a property tax. Charges vary based on several factors, some of which are listed below:

TMC Property Tax by location

  • Location: If the property you own or rent is located in a posh area , you may have to pay more TMC property tax than properties in other affordable or remote areas .
  • Area : The bigger your property, the more property tax you will have to pay.
  • Market Value : This is another important factor that determines the property tax. The market value of a place is determined by the government based on estimated value and records.
  • Type of building : Property tax charges are determined according to the purpose of the property. Tax rates are different for residential, commercial, institutional and industrial properties.
  • Age of property : You will pay a higher TMC property tax bill if your property is newly constructed and lower property tax is charged for an old construction building .

Calculation of TMC Property Tax

The TMC property tax rate is currently 38.67%. Calculating TMC property tax is easy with a simple formula. As mentioned above, property tax is calculated using various factors like location, size and etc. Thane Municipal Corporation Property Tax can be calculated by following: Property Tax = Tax Rate x Total Carpet Area/Land x Property Type x Property Age x Property Use x Floor Factor. For specific areas in Thane, the property tax rate is calculated separately and all other taxes are added to it to arrive at the final tax rate.

Thane Property Tax Penalty and Concession

Property owners in Thane will have to pay an additional 2% per month as penalty for late payment of tax. The taxpayer shall continue to pay the penalty until the full amount has paid. Failure to pay property taxes on time within 90 days will result in penalty interest and other legal action has taken against the taxpayer. The government can also confiscate property if owners fail to pay taxes.

TMC will also deduct recovery expenses while you pay deferred property tax and then collect the outstanding TMC property tax bill.

For early tax payers, Thane Municipal Corporation offers a rebate in the range of 2%-3% of their due amount.

How to Pay TMC Property Tax Online in Thane?

One can quickly pay TMC property tax online using the official website of TMC and follow the steps below:

  • Register yourself on TMC website and login to 
  • Select your preferred language to read the page, Marathi or English.
  • On the home screen, enter property details, name, address, etc.

Screenshot of official TMC property tax payment website

  • Click on search and the payment amount will display.
  • You can use credit/debit/net banking for payment.
  • On successful payment a receipt will generate for future reference.

How to Download Thane Property Tax Bill Receipts?

After you pay TMC property tax online, homeowners must download the payment receipts.

Here are the steps to follow and get online receipts for property tax payment from Thane Municipal Corporation:

  • You can view the receipt after you successfully complete the transaction
  • Click on the download option at the top right of the page to get the TMC Property Tax Payment Receipt.

TMC Property Tax Offline Payment

  • You can also pay TMC property tax using the traditional method
  • Visit Thane Municipal Corporation (TMC) branch offices or city tax collection centres.
  • You will ask for property details such as property ID, name and address.
  • You can pay in cash or use a credit or debit card and ask for a payment receipt.

TMC Property Tax Exemption

There are certain categories of property owners who can enjoy some exemptions on their property tax bill. However, these rules differ across cities and states Property tax deductions generally given to property owners in a certain category listed below. Before paying your TMC property tax bill, check if you fall under these categories:

  • Disabled property owners.
  • Women own property.
  • Senior citizens as property owners.
  • Agricultural Institutions.
  • Educational institutions.
  • The property owners formerly employed in the Army or Navy.

Summary: TMC Property Tax

TMC property tax is levied on all types of properties in the city. In return, citizens are provided with basic amenities such as good roads, water supply, electricity and more. TMC has made property tax payment easy and hassle free for all citizens of Thane by launching the online TMC portal. This guide will come in handy when you have to pay TMC property tax.

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