Things you need to know before visiting Bangalore

Bangalore is the capital of Karnataka and the place has undergone a major transformation in the last few years. No wonders to the fact that it is known as the IT hub of India where there is a mad influx of professionals from all over the country. To enhance the culinary landscape of the city numerous restaurants have also emerged. Even drinking has gone on to become a round the clock activity in Bangalore. Apart from this the place is known for its pleasant weather but on the flip side there is the notorious traffic congestion. Before you plan a visit to this place there are a few things that you need to be aware

The city happens to be an epitome of old charm and modernity

The city of Bangalore has got a youthful era and at the same time has gone on to retain its old charm. There are some historical places Like Bangalore Palace and Tipu Sultans palace that are outstanding in itself. Even the modern buildings like the World Trade centre and UB centre are worth checking out. The locals are always warm and they are willing to lend out a helping hand.

Darshini is one of the hotspots for breakfast

In Kannada the first meal of the day is known as Darshini. Numerous small eateries are there where you can eat first and pay later and the list of South Indian items that you can have been simply delicious. If you want to get to get through the day then filter coffee may suffice.

The weather follows an unpredictable pattern

In general, the weather tends to be unpleasant. In a matter of hours, the weather can turn out to be mild sunshine to heavy rains. So, it is suggested that you carry along with you a raincoat wherever you go and this would be the case if you are caught in the rainy season. Even it is suggested that you pack a jacket, as the weather gets cold after the rain or sun goes down.

You do not have to rely on South Indian food only

Though Bangalore is a place that is famous for its South Indian cuisine, most of the restaurants are known to have cuisine from all over the world. So, if you are an admirer of different types of food then Bangalore is not going to disappoint you. Even you cannot leave the place without munching on the local food that is a delight in itself.

There are coffee shoes and cafes all over the place

The people of Bangalore not only rely on coffee shops and cafes for their morning cup of coffee, but it also brings about a degree of community. While the Indian coffee house dates back to 1950, the Bangalore outlet came up in the year 1966.  No wonders to the fact that it is known as the coffee capital of India.

The beer culture of the city is simply amazing

It is not only coffee the people of Bangalore are known to take their beer seriously. The growing love of beer has led to the emergence of a number of beer outlets in the city. In fact, the signs are pretty encouraging and it is not going to stop anytime soon. A testimony to this fact is that there are around 406 beer bars in the city with the numbers expected to rise in the coming days. There are numerous types of beer outlets where locals and the tourists are bound to hang around.

Art is a part and parcel of life

Art buffs are bound to fall in love with Bangalore. For the people in this part of the world art is a part and parcel of their life. There are various forms of artwork that is going to formulate a pulsating bandwidth at the back of your mind. The city also has a place for numerous art galleries.

It is green city

This is indeed a matter of surprise that there is green space when you visit Bangalore. For this reason, it is conferred the tag of being a garden city of India. Most of the prominent Bangalore hotels have worked on this theme, so that you could have a great time when you are visiting this city.

Be prepared to deal with congested roads and traffic conditions

All is not a bed of roses when you visit Bangalore and when you visit this place traffic jams are a common occurrence. The place is known to suffer from the worst traffic conditions in India. Most of the time traffic tends to be in rush mode that makes the task difficult in itself. One of the better ways to navigate through the traffic of Bangalore is via a two- wheeler. Even metro is a great option, and though it does not cover the entire city but still you can opt for it. There are specific time zones that you should avoid travelling in the city. To be on the safer side if you are planning to reach a place travel around 20 to 30 minutes earlier.

Learning some local language if possible

Though English is a language that is understood here, to build a rapport among the locals learn some local language. Even in some places of the city Hindi and English is not understood. It makes sense to learn a few words in the local stuff. When you are shopping learning from numbers 1 to 10 would be helpful.

Locate a temple at every corner of the city

You can expect to witness a temple in every hook and corner of the city. The temples are known to range from old ones to the modern architecture ones. One of the popular ones is the ISKON temple that stands apart. Most of the temples have a tinge of history attached to it.

These are some of the points that you need to consider when you visit Bangalore.



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