Things You Must Do Before Sending Your Device For Mobile Computer Repair In Burlington, ON

Most of us keep our data stored on devices like phones or laptops. The data might be private or work-related but losing your data is something that you cannot afford. But there might occur instances where we break our device and will have to take it to a store for Mobile Computer Repair in Burlington, ON, to get it running smoothly again. 

Undoubtedly, the stores in Burlington, Ontario, are careful in handling personal data. However, we must still take some necessary preparatory measures to ensure our data is in safe hands and that we will not lose it.  Keep reading the blog to learn about the steps you must take before handing over your device to computer repair shops in Burlington, Ontario.

Steps To Take Before Handing Over Your Device For Mobile Computer Repair In Burlington, ON?

The first thing we do after our device gets broken, damaged, or stops working is rush towards the nearby phone repair shop to get it diagnosed and fixed as soon as possible. However, we must take some precautionary measures before handing over our devices to repair shops to ensure that our data remains safe.

Unlink Device from Social Media Accounts

Most of us have our social media accounts logged in on our devices, so we dont have to enter our email ID and password again and again, which is a bit time-consuming. But when we break our devices, we often hand them over to technicians without logging out from our accounts and unlinking them from the device. No one would want the technician or serviceman to access their social media accounts. Although it is highly unlikely that a technician may access your social media accounts, unlinking the device you’re handing over for repairing purposes from your social media accounts is still recommended. This helps ensure your profile and data remain safe and inaccessible by the technicians repairing your device. 

Note Down Your IMEI

To avoid getting your device misplaced, it is advised to remember or, even better, note down your IMEI. IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is a 15-digit code that helps locate your devices in case they get lost or misplaced. It is usually mentioned at the back of your device. 

Consider Doing a Full Backup

You should always back up your devices before handing them to repair stores in Burlington, Ontario. Some people consider transferring data to external hard drives a safe option, but not everything can be transferred to an external drive. Hence, you can utilize apps like google drive to store your photos, videos, and files. Google Keep for keeps and Google contacts to sync your contacts. Keeping a full backup of all your data is always a safe option, and storing it in these apps lets you easily access your data whenever you need it just by signing into your accounts. 

Remove Your Memory Card And Sim From The Phone

Experts in mobile computer repair in Burlington, Ontario, recommend removing your memory and sim cards from phones before handing them over to repair shops. Your memory card contains sensitive and personal data, which may be lost in case the memory card gets damaged or misplaced. Similarly, removing the sim from your phone is recommended because you can use it on another device while your phone is getting repaired. 

Go to a Trusted Cell Phone Repair Shop in Burlington

After you have taken all the necessary steps, it is important to ensure that you go to a reputed store for mobile computer repair in Burlington, Ontario, such as Tech Emporium, which has a team of certified technicians who understand the safety requirements of clients and are well aware of how to handle sensitive data.

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