The importance of NCERT books for CBSE students

Are you planning to sit for CSBSE exams? Then it is suggested that you believe the NCERT books and consider it as your Bible. The class 11 Maths chapters are of fundamental importance when you are preparing for CBSE board exams. There are numerous benefits associated with NCERT books that the students of CBSE board will be aware. Just you have to pick the right fruit from the garden.

The benefits of NCERT books for CBSE students

You will be astonished to know about the benefits of NCERT books for CBSE students. Let us summarize them in details

  • An in-depth understanding of complex subjects is provided- Are you scared about the complex subjects of Physics. Then there is no need to worry as just you need to go through the specific chapters of Physics from NCERT books. The NCET books are well architected so that the concepts are covered in details along with clarity to the students irrespective of their intelligence levels.
  • Maximum number of CBSE questions are directly asked from NCERT books- There is a conception evolving around the fact the CBSE question papers are modelled on NCERT books. This is a fact as 90 % of the questions that are asked in CBSE board exams are from NCERT books.
  • The essential questions posed at the end of the chapter are tricky. And mostly asked in the board exams- The questions that are pose.  At the NCERT books are crucial and asked in the board exams. Even the questions turn out to be twisted and tricky. The questions evolve match the following, answering in a single word etc. The message is loud and clear as you need to practice these questions with extra care as otherwise problems may emerge.
  • NCERT books strictly adhere to the CBSE curriculum- You will be aware that books of NCERT strictly adhere to the CBSE course curriculum. If you study properly from the NCERT books you are not going to find any problems in the CBSE exams.
  • The concepts are cleared in details- The concepts of certain chapters can only be cleared with NCERT books. The chapters are developed by the extensive effort of the experts that would make the subject viable to you on all counts.
  • NCERT books are prescribed by CBSE board- It is hardly a matter of surprise that NCERT books are prescribed by the CBSE board. The board feels that once you have properly studied NCERT books it enables to clear the exams with relative ease.
  • The NCERT books are written in plain English language- Is it possible to obtain more marks by studying NCERT books. A reason for it is that the book is addressed all the concepts in details. If the concept is clear and the basics are strong you will clear the concepts is clear.
  • The NCERT books are written in plain English language – There is not going to be any problem if you follow NCERT books.  As the books are written in lucid language as it will be understood easily and promptly.


Class 12 is one of the crucial years in the life of a student. It has to be stated that the importance of the exam is just like a competitive exam like JEE or NEET. In a lot of cases it becomes a deciding factor on how the future is going to evolve. Hence it is really important that you score well in class 12 CBSE exams and come out with flying colours. Going though NCERT books and solutions would be of help during this time. There is a need to invest your dedicated time and effort to understand in details about maths solutions class 11 and is a stepping stone for class 12.


In the competitive landscape students may really find it challenging to score good marks in these exams. Since the questions that are asked in CBSE exams are aptitude based unlike earlier that was knowledge based. So merely memorizing the concepts would not be of much help.  And you have to be strong at your fundamental concepts. Referring to good study materials would help you during the course of the exams. To do so it is better that you choose study materials that are designed by the experts.

Some students find Maths a difficult subject to crack. The main reason why such a thing tends to occur is due to the fact. That students do not have their concepts clear.  So it is suggested that they sort out these concepts in details before they sit for the final exam. Platforms like Infinity Learn would guide the students at each and every step of the education journey. If you have any doubts you can get in touch with them and they would clear it easily.




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