SpyNote V5.0 Graphical Tool Remote Management Android Phone

This article mainly uses graphic tutorials and video demonstrations to teach you how to quickly learn to use the SpyNote 5.0 graphical tool to control Android phones through the intranet remotely. This tutorial has a certain aggressiveness; please use Freebuf reasonably. (Do not use it for illegal use; otherwise, all legal disputes arising from unlawful use shall be borne by the user and have nothing to do with the author of this article)

Introductory articles about SpyNote before Freebuf

Be careful. The Android Trojan tool SpyNote is free! Remote monitoring is that simple 

Beware, the Android remote control (spy note) has been upgraded…

Required environment:

Windows 7/8/10 system

Java environment

Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 framework

SpyNote 5.0 (Baidu cloud portal extraction code nhq6, official download address )

Network communication (used for port mapping to the public network to penetrate the intranet portal )

Tutorial starts:

1. Download and install Java. Already installed Java can be skipped

2. If your computer does not have Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 installed, please go to Baidu search to download and install it. If Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 is already installed, you can skip it.

3. Download and install the network pass to pave the way for the subsequent intranet penetration  

Download and install. If you don’t have a Netcom account, register an account and log in.

Then open CMD and enter ipconfig. My intranet IP address is:

Then click Add Mapping, and select US 1 for the free user line, you can enter the name freely, enter your intranet IP address for the intranet IP, and the intranet port can be arbitrary, but it cannot conflict.

After clicking OK, move the mouse to the line, right-click and select Copy External Network Address

As can be seen from the above figure, my external network port is 29035

4. Open SpyNote5.0 and click on Listen Port

Enter 2222 to add the listening port—>Add, then enter 29035 to add the port of the online address—>Add, and then click OK

As shown in the figure below, the control terminal is already listening.

5. Click BuildClient to generate the Trojan.

(1) Client Info sets the icon, version number, and name of the Trojan horse:

(2) Dynamic DNS settings online address:

(3) Properties setting Make some unique settings for the generated Trojan horse


Hide application is a hidden application
Wi-fi Wakelock is to lock WIF
CPU WakelockI is a resident background
Permission Root SuperSu is to apply for Root permissions actively
Device Administration is a request to activate the device manager (anti-uninstallation in ordinary ways)
Accessibility(Keylogger) is used for keylogging
Set a Repeating Alarm is to set the alarm (should be online prompt)
Here I choose all

(4) Merging App (bundled APK), which is bundled with other apk installation packages

Because there is a chance that the bundling will fail due to the reinforcement of the bundled file, I will not bundle it here.

(5) After setting everything up, click Build—>Build APK in the upper left corner to create a Trojan, a pop-up of this

(6) We will find a Patch folder in the root directory of the path where your SpyNote5.0 is located

(7) Click to enter to select Patch-StaminaMode-release, and then click to open

(8) After you click Open, a green progress bar will appear below

(9) After the generation, it will automatically open a folder with an apk file named client, which is the Trojan horse you just generated.

(10) Now, I use my mobile phone (Meizu 5) to install the Trojan horse and wait for it to go online. After the installation is opened, the control terminal has already prompted me to go online, and I can remotely control the mobile phone.

The main function:

File Manager: Read phone files

SMS Manager: Read mobile phone SMS text messages

Calls Manager: Read phone contacts

Contacts Manager: read contacts

Location Manager: Read GPS location

Account Manager: Unknown

Camera Manager: Take pictures with the camera

Audio Recorder: Recording

Shell Terminal: unknown

Applications: application management

Keylogger: Keylogger

Settings: settings

Phone: Phone management

Client: Client management

Chat: Have a text conversation

The following is the SpyNote5.0 generation tutorial and demonstration video:

Prevention method:

(1) Install a mobile phone anti-virus software, update the virus database regularly, and anti-virus regularly

(2) Improve your safety awareness

(3) Do not download and install third-party files of unknown origin. To download applications, it is best to go to the application store to download

(4) For unnecessary permissions, it recommend that you prohibit its APP from obtaining permissions


This tool is famous for its powerful functions and is much more stable than the payload generated by Metasploit when it goes online. It will also automatically pop up the activation device manager window to enhance its permissions to prevent it from uninstalling ordinary uninstall methods. Still, it does not mention how to use it in detail, so I made a detailed graphic + video tutorial dedicated to the loyal Freebuf fans as a gift to you at the Lantern Festival! I Hope Freebuf fans like it!

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