Five Signs You Are Not Lazy but Have ADHD

Do you sometimes ask yourself why you are so lazy? Do you also ask yourself why you can never set goals for yourself? If you have answered with “yes” to these questions, then the first thing we ask you to do is to stop being so hard on yourself.

Maybe – none of this has to do with you being lazy. Yes – you read this right. You never know, but you might have ADHD, which is the abbreviation for attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder. 

Keep reading if you are interested to learn more. 

You Forget Things

Do you often forget where you place items? When leaving the house, you might frequently forget to take your phone with you. It is perfectly human to forget things sometimes, but if you have ADHD, this type of forgetfulness can happen more often than what is normal. 

You Procrastinate A Lot

Procrastination is also referred to as the inability to start or complete tasks. Usually, people who have ADHD find it difficult to start and maintain tasks or activities that require attention or that they don’t find interesting. 

If you have ADHD, you might procrastinate all the time, or you may start more than one activity at one time while leaving several jobs unfinished before moving on to the next one. So, you might be upset at the end of the day when you spend a whole lot of time on tasks but complete none of them. 

You Struggle with Organizing 

Do you struggle with planning a daily routine for yourself? Do you find it challenging to create a to-do list? If you have ADHD, you can have serious difficulties in planning your priorities. You know that you have things to do, but you might spend more time on things that are not a priority. 

On that note, you might fail to fulfill your responsibility. Here are some related signs that you might have:

  • Irregular work habits
  • Struggle with keeping things in order
  • Lack of planning

Now, if you feel like this could be you, we recommend getting a proper Evaluation of ADHD to remove all doubts and understand where you are at in terms of ADHD. 

You Are Hyper Focused

Another trait of people with ADHD is that they are hyper-focused to the point that they don’t know what is happening around them. You can get so engrossed in something to the point of becoming unaware of anything else around you. 

For instance, if you are hyper-focused, you might not see or hear people coming in and out of your room or office while being engrossed in your laptop. 

You Struggle with Time Management

You might face an inability to organize, make, and plan things. Maybe, you only feel a sense of excitement to work or complete things when the clock is ticking and the deadline is just a few hours away. 

You are often late for something, and while you might get things done on time – – your procrastination game is on another level, which causes you to be bad at time management. 

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