5 Tips When Looking For Roof Inspector Near Me

Roof inspections are frequently needed when replacing a roof through an insurance agency or, in certain areas, while purchasing a property. While home inspectors can provide an opinion, a roof inspector is more qualified and equipped to assess the structural condition of a roof. In other words, finding a roof inspector near me is your best bet for determining how long a roof will endure and when it will need to be replaced over a period of time.

Here are the 5 things to look out for during a roof inspection.

1 Your Attic’s Ventilation

When a roofing company arrives at your house, the first thing they should inspect is your attic. They must look up to verify that it is adequately vented so that your attic may breathe. Depending on your region/local building code- there is a requirement for a vent every 300 soft or so within Toronto or the Ontario Region in general. This will be based on municipal restrictions or Canada requirements.

Your roof will suffer if your attic is not adequately aired. The stored cold and hot air can reduce the life of your roof. The importance of effective attic ventilation to your roof expense cannot be emphasized enough!  ook for Algae, or Piles of Leaves

2. Look for Alge, or Piles of Leave

Going through your property and inspecting your roof for piles of leaves, other vegetation, or trash, can be important in determining and/or preventing major damage. They can retain moisture, which can penetrate the sheathing beneath your tiles and even into the roof’s structural element- which can be dangerous!

Moss is particularly damaging because it absorbs rainfall like rubber. In addition, humidity can create mildew and deterioration in the timber framework beneath your roof, jeopardizing its internal structure.

You can easily get rid of moss by cleaning any sign of it with a broom or cleaning brush.

3. Any Visible Roof Leakage on Interior Water Stains

This one should go without saying, but your roofing company will inspect for any leakage that is creating watermarks on your ceiling. They’ll start looking for the source of the leak after they’ve determined you have one. When they locate it, they will either repair it or, if the damage is severe enough, they will propose a roof replacement.

4. Look for Curled Shingles

Hot air in your ceilings may distort, bend, or curl your shingles. Weird-shaped shingles can damage your roof’s durability by allowing water through, causing expensive leaks and producing poor ventilation, thus they should be replaced as soon as possible. During any roof maintenance and roof inspector near me procedure, if more than one-third of your shingles curl, it’s time to re-shingle the whole roof.

5. Check for Damaged, or Old Shingles

Water might also leak through your roof if shingles are missing or broken causing issues to your hardwood flooring or drywall and even though if you catch it right away it can be managed- it is not worth it!

Roofs made of granite or ceramic tile can shatter easily, so search for damaged, broken, or completely missing shingles.

These granules will break loose and make their way into your drains as the shingles age. If you see a lot of asphalt particles in your drainage, thoroughly inspect the roof for broken or damaged shingles.

FAQs Related to Roof Inspector near me:

How Much Does A Roof Inspector Near Me Cost?

Roof inspection prices can range from $100 onwards. The overall cost will vary depending on your roof shingles but at Ontario Tech Roofing, we are happy to provide a roof inspection, free of charge, just call us today or fill out our form for our latest information!

How Often Should You Have A Roof Inspected?

Considering storm-proofing your roof and learning how to protect your home from the harsh cold before winter arrives.

In the fall, inspect the roof again for damage caused by fallen tree branches- especially given the harsh weather we have experienced in Toronto, Hamilton and other Ontario regions!

Before Inspecting The Roof, Which Of The Following Should The Inspector Remove?

One would remove any obstructions to be able to see the roof surfaces clearly. He may also relocate the insulation temporarily. Walking on any roof portions that look to be dangerous is in the hands of the inspector’s judgment – but they should always use a harness/hard hat!


Given the harsh weather we have seen in the Toronto region over the past few years- we advise a roof inspector near me comes by at least twice a year and we will also recommend one prior to closing on the home of your dreams. We rather you protect your most important asset!

Looking for a roof inspector in your area? If YES feel free to contact us below and reach out to one of our trained technicians to set up your free roof inspection!

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