Remarkable strategies for beginners to crack the English language exam

It is undeniable that the English language is the most important requirement of MNCs. People who want to work in MNCs must demonstrate proficiency in the English language. Similarly, if you are planning to study in foreign countries like Canada, Australia, and the United States. Also, you must be proficient in the English language. The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is one of the standardized exams used to assess the English proficiency of applicants wishing to study or work in countries where English is the main medium of communication. 

In this article, we articulate a list of some useful points that can help you to achieve acceptable band scores. Along with this, try to avoid basic mistakes while preparing for the IELTS test. This is because it will cause chances of failure in the exam.

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Read on to the below points to crack the IELTS exam:

Tips for reading section

The reading section contains three passages and the time allotted for this is 60 minutes. The topmost advice is to start with the passage that you are familiar with. After that, try to understand the type of questions asked. For MCQs, use the elimination method, which helps you to find answers in less time. In addition to this, while solving the list of headings, read the paragraph twice make a gist, and then mark the correct option. Moving ahead with the blanks, where you have to learn new words to improve your vocabulary. Try to make synonyms to fill the suitable answers in the blank box. At last, do not stick to one question for more than two minutes if you are confused about the right answer. Just move ahead to the next question.

Tips for Writing Module 

The writing section is of 60 minutes. The number of tasks in the writing module is 2. Write an impressive introduction and summary for both tasks. Also, stick to the word limit, Don’t write extra. Moreover, work on your grammatical errors and vocabulary to improve your writing skills. This section is all about your creative thinking about the given topic, expressing your ideas in an impressive way will enhance your scores in the writing. For practice, pick a new topic daily and write on it. Seek help from the tutors and fellow peers to analyze your performance. This will assist you in working on your weak areas and writing in the given time frame.  

Tips for listening section

The time allotted for the listening section is around 40 minutes. You have to read all the questions at the beginning carefully before the audio clip starts. To make improvements in listening skills, listen to long podcasts of the English language, TV shows, and documentary programs. That will assist you with the familiarity of a Western accent. Focus on the introduction part of the listening because it will help you to get an idea about the subject matter and characters. If you fail to concentrate on the audio and skip the question. Then move to the next because by sticking to the same question, you will the upcoming one as well.  At the end of the section, candidates have 10 minutes to write their precise answers on the answer sheet. Try to write answers side by side to save your time.

Tips for speaking section

This section is all yours if you are fluent in English. Instead of practicing, you should speak to someone who is trained in speaking. Applicants must practice speaking English with friends and family on a regular basis in order to gain fluency and confidence in language speaking. Furthermore, pronunciation has a huge role in your speaking style. So, try to avoid difficult words to which you are not familiar with. Instead, make simple sentences to feel confident while speaking. 

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All in all, the above content supports you a lot during the preparation process for the IELTS exam. Most importantly, if you are a beginner then these strategies will aid you in achieving the desired band scores.  

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