Real Name, Influence, and Net Worth of Rapper WizDaWizard

Real Name, Influence, and Net Worth of Rapper WizDaWizard

We all have been wondering about the real name of WizDaWizard. The question is, how much is WizDaWizard’s net worth? Let’s explore his Real name, Influence, and Net worth in this article. Then, you’ll be able to know more about this talented and popular musician. If you are interested in learning more about WizDaWizard, you have come to the right place.

Dieson Octave

Rapper and music artist Dieson Octave WizDaWizard was murdered in the United States earlier today. Although the identity of the deceased is still pending, several influencers and blogs have confirmed the news. The rapper was 24 years old and was from Florida. He started rapping at the age of 14 and uploaded music albums on various music platforms, including YouTube. His music album gained more than a million views in 2017.

The rapper had numerous releases over the last three years. His popularity had increased in recent months, when his videos gained hundreds of thousands of views. A music video for “KTB” was shared late last month and has already received thousands of views. However, the rapper has not addressed the situation publicly on social media. He is undergoing treatment. However, fans are paying tribute to the late rap star on Twitter.

Real name

If you are wondering what the Real name of WizDaWiard is, then you have come to the right place. WizDaWizard was a rapper from Florida, who worked with popular singer Kodak Black. WizDaWizard was 24 years old, and he is an American citizen. WizDaWizard’s real name is Dieson Octave. The young rapper started rapping at the age of fourteen and quickly rose to fame, uploading music albums to music streaming sites like YouTube. One of his videos, “KTB,” has more than a million views.

While the identity of the shooters has yet to be confirmed by police, there are several clues that point to the real name of WizDaWizar. His shooters were unidentified and didn’t seem to be connected to any group competitions. The rapper did not disclose his real name online, either. He had a Facebook account and posted pictures of himself. It was also reported that the shooters were armed.


The influence of WizDaWizard is well documented, and fans are elated over his recent death. He was a key figure in the rise of Kodak Black, who was now a label executive. The Sniper Gang crew has grown beyond a group. The rapper’s influence is spreading beyond the music industry, and WizDaWizard is one of the group’s leading artists. While Kodak Black has not yet commented on WizDaWizard’s death on social media, his fans are taking to Twitter to pay tribute to WizDaWizard. Kodak Black recently shot Beat Box rapper SpotemGottem five times. Both men are currently in stable condition, but SpotemGottem is expected to recover fully.

Though WizDaWizard was only 24 years old at the time of his death, he was considered the perfect model for many future rappers. He was an outstanding rapper and a fan favorite, but his death left his future achievements unfulfilled. His popularity was fueled by his collaborations with YNW Melly and Kodak Black, and he had over 160k followers on Instagram. In addition to gaining popularity, WizDaWizard also performed at churches and gained thousands of fans and followers.

Net worth

The American rapper and singer WizDaWizard has an estimated net worth of $1 million. WizDaWizard is best known for working with the Sniper Gang imprint of Kodak Black. His earnings from music and brand endorsements are substantial. The net worth of WizDaWizard is difficult to determine, but it is certainly higher than most other artists.

Despite being a controversial rapper, Wiz da Wizard has managed to achieve some success with his music. He has collaborated with Kodak Black’s Sniper Gang on several tracks, including “Chief Flow.” Wiz da Wizard has a self-titled YouTube channel where he posts a few songs. On July 2, 2021, he uploaded the official music video for “Chief Keef Flow.” He also starred in EST Gee’s video for “Don Dada’s.”

Social media

Rapper WizDaWizard, 24, has been shot and killed in Florida. His death has prompted numerous people to express their condolences on social media. WizDaWizard was well-known in the Hallandale Beach neighborhood. He was shot just days after the SpotemGottem shooting, which led to his death. In the wake of the shooting, fans flooded social media, expressing their sympathy.

The rapper is 24 years old when he was killed, but he already had a large following. In recent months, he’s gained popularity as his music videos drew hundreds of thousands of viewers. The music video for “KTB” was posted late last month. As of this writing, WizDaWizard has over 160k Instagram followers and a million views on Youtube.

Place of death

After the death of the Dutch rapper WizDaWizard, the media are trying to find out how and where his body was dumped. Although there have been no official reports, police are seeking information that would lead them to the suspect. WizDaWizard was known to work with Sniper Gang Records, owned by Kodak Black. Although his death is still under investigation, there have been many online condolences.

On Friday, September 17th, the rapper’s body was discovered outside a home. Police suspect foul play. The cause of death is currently unknown, but it is believed to have been a gunshot wound to the head. Although he was signed to Kodak Black’s Sniper Gang label, WizDaWizard had not been living in Hallandale recently. His death has devastated fans and the media.

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