Phone Repair Store Explaining Device Water Damage in Detail

Often technicians at a phone repair store must answer this question that why water is extremely damaging for a gadget. They present with several important reasons mentioned below;

  1. Normal water contains chemicals and impurities that create a chemical reaction called corrosion which can affect the circuit board and other important gadget parts.
  2. Water can penetrate into the device screen and damage the display.
  3. Water heat capacity is higher which means that it can heat up quicker than other liquids.

A Phone Repair Store Handling Water Damage

The repair mechanics have the duty of fixing the damages done by the water, also, they should provide with the signs indicating that the device has been damaged. They in addition to these will provide tips that help gadget owners to reduce the water damage.

Clues Indicating Device is Suffering from Water Damage

Technicians working at a phone repair store in Murfreesboro will ask if gadget owners have dropped their devices in water or spilled liquid on them. These are the main reasons for the presence of water that cause damage. Following are the signs that will tell if the gadget has been harmed by water.

Water is Present Inside the Screen

The initial sign that technicians look for moisture presence on the screen. Repair mechanics will first remove the protective cover and try to clean the screen. If water droplets are still persistent, then it means that water has reached the device interior. This will damage the display and touch mechanism.

What is the Charging Status?

The next thing that should be checked is whether the gadget is charging appropriately. The reason given by electronics repair mechanics in Murfreesboro is that water can enter the device through the charging port. If the device isn’t charging, then the charging port must have been damaged by the water.

Inspecting the Liquid Damage Indicator

When you take the device to a repair center, the third thing technicians look at is the liquid damage indicator strip. It is located in the SIM and memory card slot, but often it isn’t visible and technicians might require special tools to see the changed color. Sometimes this strip could be in the battery casing, so battery must be removed to check if the white strip has changed color to red, orange, or purple.

A Cell Phone Repair Store in Murfreesboro Suggesting Tips

The cell phone repair experts at centers like SD Cell Plus will ensure that damages to the device is curtailed when it falls into the water. They will advise important tips after offering repair services for water damage. Clients should follow these tips to avoid damages mentioned in the introductory paragraph.

Do Not Make Delays in Removing the Gadget

The most significant tip is to quickly remove the gadget from the water. Delays made in taking the device out of the water or removing it from the area where liquid is present will further increase the damage intensity.

Properly Absorb the Water from the Device

The next tip to focus on is to dry the device to ensure that minimum water has entered the gadget. You can use different household items, like a blower fan, a dry towel, cotton cloth, and silica gels. But always avoid burying the device in raw rice because it will have minimum to no effect.

Extract all Accessories

The accessories gadget owners should remember to extract from the devices include memory cards, SIM cards, earphones, batteries, protective covers, and screen protectors. Most accessories might be original and you don’t want to lose them.

Keep Gadgets Away from Extreme Heat

Some individuals might suggest you to leave the device in the sun as the heat will absorb the water. But this action should be avoided because it will heat up the device and damage the mechanics.

Be Patient when Drying the Device

Another important advice to follow is be patient when drying the device because it might take a long time depending on the size, type, and intensity of damage.

Clients should understand the signs of water damage and tips suggested by technicians at a phone repair store.

The following are three questions helping device users understand the concept of water damage.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the signs of water damage on a phone?

The gadget screen has water droplets, the color of water damage indicator has changed from white to orange, purple, and red, and the device will not open and unable to charge, are some signs indicated by a phone repair store.

Can phones with water damage be fixed?

It has been suggested by experts to immediately bring the device to the repair center after you have dried it. Making delays in bringing the gadget to the shop will further damage it.

How long does a phone need to dry?

The normal time required to dry the device depends on three important factors, including gadget type, time the device was in the water, and the cell phone was dried immediately or after some time.

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