Saree, Makeup and Hairstyle for Parties and Weddings

Weddings are one of the most precious days in a woman’s life, and they should be handled accordingly. It just takes nine yards of a lovely saree to transform any woman into an ethereal Indian beauty! When you choose a saree, though, you want your hair to fit. There are many things to consider: finding the proper outfit, perfecting your makeovers, and trying to make sure you have everything you need to enjoy the celebrations. Here are some wonderful saree makeover and hairdo ideas to try with your lovely sarees.

With Bold Eyes and Traditional Makeup

If the colors of your saree are pink, crimson, maroon, and green, go for a classic makeup look with strong eyes. Apply foundation on your face first. A dramatic eye style quickly transforms your appearance. To accentuate the eyes, use black eyeliner and heavy layers of mascara. To finish the look, use any bright or neutral lip color of your choosing.

Good Look

If you have light skin and are wearing dark-colored sarees, choose a cosmetics look that will accentuate your complexion. All you need for a lovely, fair, and boosted look is foundation, compact, highlighter, concealer, blush, and a medium pink lipstick hue. Apply foundation on your face first, followed by concealer under your eyes, chin, forehead, cheekbones, and nose. Then, apply a gold highlighter on your cheekbones, nose, lip curve, and towards your eye wrinkles. Apply a light pink blush to your cheeks and finish with a pale pink or deep pink lipstick.

Makeup for a Black and White Saree

If you’re wearing a black & white saree, keep your makeup simple and understated. Because black and white are opposing hues, you should keep your makeup minimal. Apply a light shade concealer beneath your eyes, nose, cheeks, and chin after applying foundation on your face. Then, over your nose, forehead, and jawline, apply a dark concealer. Blend the concealer colors well to get a contouring effect. Apply a little pink blush to your cheeks and choose pink or rosy nude lipsticks. A black bindi completes the outfit.

Hairstyle for Party in Saree: 

Ponytails are the way to go. The hair is nicely pulled back, and all eyes are drawn to the embroidery on your blouse. The ponytail is also incredibly simple to execute and, when done correctly, creates a very casual yet classic look. It is one of the greatest saree hairstyles for making you seem more attractive. This is the greatest and simplest saree hairdo. It will look even more elegant when paired with a designer blouse. Give it a puff to give the hair a lift. A stylish clip to hold the puff is also a must-try.

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