Packaging ideas for Bakery products

Bakery products are highly used. It is becoming an important part of every bakery. As the demand for bakery products is increasing day by day, so the industry of baking products is on the road to success. The baking industry is trying to satisfy the needs of its customers by providing them with fresh products. It is difficult to balance the aesthetics and freshness of products at the same time.

Food technologists should choose the suitable kind of packaging that may make sure the necessary shelf life for those products. Advanced technology should be used for the packaging of the products because the success of products depends on the design and way of production.

Purpose of packaging:

The main purpose of packaging is to prevent the product from reacting and to make the product stable. Packaging material, which is used for different products, can vary; it depends on the composition of that respective product.

You can make Bakery Boxes at home. They give an aesthetic look. Let us have a look at a homemade bakery box. These bakery boxes can be used as a gift.

Flexible packaging:

It is one of the oldest forms of packaging. It is used for industrial purposes, produced by the combination of paper, foil or film and it can be produced without the combination of these three. Bread and candy wrappers, snack and grocery bags, clothing and multiwall bags are included in flexible packaging.

Styles of wrapping:

There are varieties of wrapping styles, which can be used for different shapes and sizes of biscuits and for other bakery products too. Styles of wrapping should be catchy enough that can attract the customer.

The traditional style of wrapping:

Enfold wrapping is a classic type of wrapping. The ends of packets are sealed very neatly and the biscuits stand in a longitudinal way and are tightly sealed. Marketing specialists considered this type of packaging most effective because of its neatness. It gives the product mechanical protection.

Pillow packs wrapping:

For the small pack of biscuits, and snacks, pillow wrapping is considered a standard type of wrapping. It can be used for large packaging as well in which the products are standing on the edge or we can say it as slug wrapping. The weight accuracy for this type of packaging is high because during wrapping it automatically adjusts the length.

As the pillow, wrapping is very loose so there are some issues of protection so it can be considered as its limitation. This pillow pack wrapping is less attractive for consumers than enfolds packets.

The packaging of oddly sized biscuits:

Enfold wrapping and pillow pack wrapping are used for almost 80-90 per cent of bakery products. There are some biscuits, which have odd shapes so they need unique wrapping.

Packaged bakery products and their shelf life:

There are changes in products that can limit the shelf life of products. Formulation, packaging, processing and last but not least storage conditions are the four main factors on which the quality of products depends.

The packaging of products improves the quality and can provide protection to the product. Due to sealed packaging we can that it is now easy to store bakery products and they can transport to other places as well. Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) is included in packaging technologies, which help to maintain the quality of products and keep them fresh. There is a need to develop more packaging technologies to prevent the risks. You should present your product to your customers in a way that they cannot take light your products.


One must keep in mind that whatever idea you have will literally affect your products. The packaging of products should be attractive to the customers so that your product will be highly used.

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