Making the Switch to Hidden Frame Glass Doors

Many homeowners have been switching from traditional framed doors to modern frameless and hidden frame designs. Today’s hidden frame glass doors come in unique styles for interior and exterior entryways. They’re secure, aesthetic, efficient, and contemporary, but not all offers are desirable. You still need an experienced glass door installer, the best products, and suitable designs for your home décor and openings. Here’s what you should know:

What Are Hidden Frame Glass Doors?

A hidden frame glass door is precisely what the name suggests- a glass door with hidden frames. To understand how they work, you should consider the components of a door frame. Most doors feature the main panel, the support frame, hinges, and accessories that attach the glass door to the frame. Panels can be of different materials, including metal, wood, glass, and more. Glass door panels have become trendy in recent years and offer many pros.

The door frame is usually fixed into the wall structure and can be cemented. Hinges are attached to allow the door panel to swing inwards or outwards. In the past, door frames were visible, but that has now changed thanks to hidden frames and frameless designs. The frame is hidden from sight, which results in a seamless transition from the wall to the door. Installers rely on hidden hinges, magnetic locks, painting, and more to achieve this.

What Are the Popular Door Styles?

Hidden frames and frameless glass doors come in varying styles, each with unique benefits. Some installers even have patented technologies for their specific mechanism of achieving a discreet frame design. The goal is to obscure the frame, hinges, locking mechanism, and other aspects that break the view. Below are the popular styles available for hidden frame doors:

  • Sliding Doors: The sliding door design features rails parallel to the wall structure. Glass panels are supported by the bottom rails, which accommodate heavier doors. Sliding doors also run parallel to the wall, so you don’t need clearance space.

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  • Stacked Doors: The stacked door design is similar to sliding doors but features interlocking panels. When you open or close one door panel, it affects the rest in a domino effect. Stacking allows you to cover a more expansive entryway.
  • Hinged Doors: Homeowners looking for a more traditional design can choose the hinged frameless glass door. The design features hidden hinges attached to an invisible frame allowing the door to swing inwards, outwards or both.
  • Bi-Fold Doors: The bi-fold design is another elegant style for hidden frame doors. Bi-fold doors feature one fixed panel and other panels that can be folded. The design is perfect for expansive entryways and carries its unique advantages.

What Are the Primary Benefits?

Switching to hidden frame doors has many perks, including better aesthetics, bolstered security, low maintenance, and more. Most people are drawn by the beauty of glass doors, which come in unique options. You can install frosted, stained, ornate, clear glass doors, among others. Some designs offer a peek into what’s on the other side, while others have elements to obstruct the view. You can find the perfect style for your needs.

Glass doors are also timeless and blend with all kinds of settings. Installing hidden frame designs removes the eyesores, creating a unified appeal from the wall to the door. Eliminating the protruding rails and other elements also improves safety by preventing trips and falls. Hidden frames make it almost impossible to break into the house because the design has nothing to hold on to. The usual handles are inaccessible by outside intruders. Other merits include:

  • Improved Property Value: Installing a frameless glass door can raise the property value, so you can fetch good money should you decide to sell.
  • Enhanced Functionality: The design is reliable and functional for everyday use, allowing more light, better airflow, and seamless transition.
  • Easy to Clean: Frameless glass doors are easy to clean and maintain. The glass won’t hold on to stains. You can easily wipe all spills away for a clean sparkle. 
  • Flexible & Versatile: You can use hidden frame doors for all your entryways, including the main entrance, internal doors, and external backyard patio openings.

How Much Does the Switch Cost?

The cost of hidden frames and frameless glass doors depends on various factors. Each homeowner has a unique budget based on their individual needs. The opening’s size, glass door style, and installation company all affect how much you’ll pay for installation. A wider opening will require larger panels or many smaller cuts, which cost more than smaller doors. Styles like pivot and stacked are also more expensive than hinged designs.

When looking to install hidden frame doors, request quotes from multiple installers to get a rough idea. You can save costs in many ways, including opting for a different type of glass or switching the hinges, locks, and other accessories. Some brands charge more for their products and services but may feature lengthier warranties and better service quality. You should weigh your options to find the best value for your money.

Installing Hidden Frame Glass Doors

If you’re ready to install hidden frame glass doors in your home, the next step is to find reputable companies. Working with trustworthy installers will guarantee the best outcome. The goal is to create your vision and install your desired glass door. Choose legitimate installers with a growing reputation and clean track record.

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