How to use and Download Mahatma Ela App

Mahatma ELA is an educational app designed in collaboration with Mahatma Montessori Schools. The Mahatma Ela App is the E-learning and Assessment System that encompasses various features such as designing course plans, creating lessons, and incorporating personalized learning for students.

What is Mahatma ELA? 

Mahatma ELA is a great learning management system that both faculty members and students can use to access multiple features. Students can attend classes, view their report cards, set reminders, download worksheets, upload assignments, and much more in the comfort of their homes.

The Mahatma Ela App is a perfect educational app that was developed to be used during the pandemic. On-campus learning was called off during the Covid-19 pandemic so Mahatma Schools launched the Mahatma ELA platform to assist students and teachers.

Mahatma ELA

Features of Mahatma ELA

Some of the top-notch features of the Mahatma Ela App are:

Live Classes

Mahatma ELA comprises a live class option through which teachers and students can communicate with each in a high-quality video format.

Online Tests

Students gain access to various multiple test formats that they can undertake.


Teachers upload different podcasts according to their subject matter on Mahatma Ela App.

Online Recorded Classes

On Mahatma ELA, students can watch the recorded lectures in case they forgot to attend the class.

Class Schedules

Students can also view their class schedules and set reminders for their daily classes on Mahatma ELA.

Performance Tracker

Students can track their performance and see how they are doing academically.


Students can download worksheets and submit them after completion.


Students and teachers can view the extra-curricular activities, news, and latest updates on the blog.

Report Card

Students can easily view their report cards at home and see how they have done academically.

Other Features 

Mahatma ELA also comprises ERP services, professional services, health and hygiene, teacher management, student guidance, school meal, and content management. In addition, Mahatma Ela App covers safety and security, school transport, academics, and a learning management system.

Mahatma ELA apps

There is not a single Mahatma Ela App but every Mahatma school has its own app such as the Mahatma KK Nagar app, Mahatma Baba CBSE app, Mahatma Matriculation app, Mahatma Global Gateway-CBSE app, and Mahatma AK Residential CBSE app.

How to use Mahatma ELA?

If you want to use Mahatma ELA then follow the steps below.

  1. Visit
  2. You will see a login option. After clicking on login, you will come across two login options. One is for teachers and the other one is for students.
  3. If you are a teacher then click on the teacher option. Enter your user ID and password to gain access to Mahatma Ela App.
  4. If you are a student then click on the student option. Select your desired school, and enter your user ID and password to log in.
  5.  After successful login, you can access various features of Mahatma ELA as you wish.

How to Contact Mahatma ELA?

If you face any issue logging into Mahatma ELA or have any general queries regarding the app then you can contact the customer support at [email protected] or +916366937197

How to Download Mahatma ELA? 

If you wish to download Mahatma ELA on your phone then follow the steps below

  1. Google Playstore and search Mahatma ELA.
  2. Click on the official links of different Mahatma school apps uploaded by Nirals EduNiv.
  3. Tap the install button to download the app.
  4. After successful installation, open the app.
  5. Sign up as a new user. You can register through email, Facebook, or Google account.
  6. After successful login, you will come across various features such as academics, content management, calendars, worksheets or report cards etc.

If your mobile phone does not support Google Playstore, you can download the Mahatma Ela App apk from any of the apk sites as follows:

  1. To install apk files, your mobile phone needs to grant permission to third-party sites. Enable installation from third-party sites on your mobile phone by going to mobile settings. Click on Security, and click on the Allow Unknown Resources.
  2. Search Mahatma ELA apk on the internet browser.
  3. Open any apk website and click on the download link.
  4. Your download will automatically start. After the Mahatma Ela App download is complete, you can install the application.

Mahatma ELA statistics

Name: Mahatma ELA

Uploaded by: Nirals EduNiv

Version: 1.2

Updated on: January 13, 2022

Size: 9.9 MB

Required Android: Android 6.0 and abov


Mahatma ELA is an amazing platform that allows teachers and students to access various features at the tip of their hands. The Mahatma Ela App is a revolutionary learning management system that integrates multiple functions into one platform.

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