Kelly Paniagua Bio, Wiki, Age, Family, Net worth

Are you interested in learning more about Kelly Paniagua? We looked into Kelly Paniagua’s net worth in 2021 and her height, weight, wife, age, and biography. Kelly Paniagua was born in Sydney, Australia,to parents who are of Spanish and Portuguese descent She is 43 years old, having been born on December 15, 1977.

Kelly worked as a model for a brief time before becoming an Australian television personality. She is a devoted Christian who spends most of her time in Australia, where she was born. There is very little public information regarding Kelly’s life prior to her marriage to Julian McMahon Spouse. There is a lack of information on her parents and family. Due to her absence of social media footprints, her history is even more shrouded in mystery.

Kelly Paniagua’s Date of Birth, Age, Height, and Physical Features

Kelly Paniagua Bio, Wiki, Age, Family, Net worth

Paniagua hasn’t revealed anything about her educational background. Kelly Paniagua rose to prominence as the wife of a well-known Australian actor. Kelly is a model, and while we don’t know much about her career, we imagine she’s worked with a variety of franchise organizations and brands. Kelly Paniagua has not yet revealed any details about her personal or professional life. Kelly hasn’t said anything about her films or television program.

Kelly Paniagua is a 43-year-old actress who was born on December 15, 1977. Sagittarius is her zodiac sign. Kelly was an Australian person with a mixed heritage who was born and reared in Australia.

Kelly is 5 feet and 6 inches tall and weighs 66 kg. Her physical dimensions are 34-38-40, and she has brown eyes and blonde hair. She possesses a smart and honorable personality. She doesn’t even appear to be that elderly for her age.

Julian McMahon Spouse, Kelly’s Husband

He hasn’t had any children with Kelly, despite being a loving father to Madison. Madison is his daughter by Brooke Burns, whom he married. Their family consists of a father, mother, and daughter and animals such as four dogs, Koi fish, birds, and a horse. Julian McMahon dropped out of college to pursue his acting career since he had no interest in studying law at the University of Sydney.

Kelly Paniagua Husband and Marriage

Kelly Paniagua (2022 Wiki) Bio, Age, IMDB, Julian McMahon Net Worth


After Julian and his second wife, Brooke Burns, divorced in 2003, Kelly and Julian began dating. Julian proposed to Kelly on a trip to Paris that he and his daughter had planned. In November 2013, they got engaged in Melbourne and married a few months later. Julian and Kelly haven’t even had a child together.

On the other hand, Julian has a daughter with his second wife named Madison. They all share a home in California with a vast number of pets and animals, including four dogs, a horse, and numerous Koi fish. They also have chickens, birds, and a horse.

Strange? No, it’s not lovely! Kelly is a huge animal lover. Madison Elizabeth McMahon is a beach volleyball player who is 21 years old.

Kelly Paniagua’s Facebook Page

Kelly Paniagua is a shy and reserved individual. Because she isn’t active on any social media sites, she hasn’t published any information about her parents, siblings, work, education, or net worth. Many people urge her to be social media active.

Kelly Paniagua is a Penwoman and an IT Whiz

She is a well-known author in the literary world, with a number of award-winning works to her credit. She authored the children’s book “Bedtime for Sarah Sullivan,” which has received several awards from major boards and organizations to date!

Kelly Paniagua’s Net Worth is Unknown

Kelly Paniagua is an Australian model, television personality, and the wife of an actor. Paniagua’s spouse makes a lot of money, but she hasn’t mentioned anything about her earnings. However, we hope that she, too, makes a lot of money and performs in the future.

Paniagua’s Father-in-Law was Australia’s Prime Minister

Julian was the second child of Sir William McMahon, Australia’s previous 20th Prime Minister, and his late wife, Lady Sonia McMahon, a wonderful pair. Julian Dana William McMahon was his given name. Melinda and Deborah are Julian’s two sisters.

Is the Couple Still Together?

According to public documents and research. Julian chose to marry her after dating her for almost ten years and proposed to her on a flight to Paris with his daughter Madison.


Kelly Paniagua is a 43-year-old actress who was born on December 15, 1977. Kelly Paniagua’s net worth has not yet been published. Kelly Paniagua hasn’t said anything about her films or television series.

Paniagua does not have any social media accounts. Kelly Paniagua stands 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs 66 kg. Julian McMahon, an Australian actor, is married to Kelly Paniagua. Madison McMahon is the couple’s only child. They all share a home in California with a variety of living species.

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