How to hack passwords with Cain and Abel

Though Cain and Abel have always been seen as a program, in truth it is made up of two parts. Or first is Cain or application responsible for breaking passwords. The second is Abel, the Windows NT service that protects or sends messages on local networks.

Cain and Abel Password Cracker Software was developed to crack passwords from the latest versions of Windows, macOS, and Linux. It is a free software that has been developed to crack passwords of Windows 7 and Windows 8. This software is also capable of cracking passwords of macOS Sierra, OS X Sierra and OS X El Capitan. Thus, it is perfect for users who want to crack their passwords on Windows, macOS and Linux computer systems.

This software occupies only 10 MB and, unless we have problems with the antivirus, as we have just explained, initially its installation and commissioning do not have a mystery. Além disso, ele no hide software or unwanted ads.

Once the program is installed on the computer, we can start using it. To do this we will start Cain and what we will see will be a very simple interface, like the following one, where we will have all our tools.

The program’s interface is divided into tabs, in each of which we find the different password hacking modules: Decoders, Network, Sniffer, Cracker, Traceroute, CCDU, Wireless and Query.

In each guide we can find everything that is necessary to find the paths and breaks. Some of the techniques available are very simple and any user can apply them, but others are very complicated and, if we are not advanced users, we will have problems.

According to the type of motto to pass this we are trying to break, it may take more or less time.

Download the latest version of Cain and Abel

The developer of this tool is an Italian programmer called “Massimiliano Montoro”. Although the program is proprietary, it was distributed through its site totally free for any user who wishes to download it. No entanto, or its main site is out of time, therefore, to download it, we recommend using other trusted sites.

We have to be careful when downloading this program because there are many pages that hide malware in this program. We must always look for alternative download sites, like the one to which we have a link, and avoid being deceived.

Alternatives to Cain and Abel

It is true that Cain and Abel are one of the most well-known tools in this field. But, of course, this is not the only one. We can find a large variety of alternatives to break signals as we will see next.

Jean the Ripper

This is another favorite tool for recovering (or hacking) passwords. John the Ripper is free and open source software, available for all types of operating systems that will allow us to capture and decrypt all types of signals and hashes in any operating system. A more complete software than either Cain or Abel, with support and, albeit, 100% reliable because the source-code is accessible to all.


This tool is specialized in reverting hashes of signals to obtain the key that is hiding. This software is compatible with more than 200 different protocols, allowing you to obtain, by all kinds of techniques, any type of word-pass that you want to guess. As a rule, hashcat is used to complement other similar password recovery programs.


Wireshark is not a path breaking program as such. Instead, it is a network sniffer (one of the functions of Cain and Abel) that allows, among other things, to locate all types of signals and other information that we can circulate on the network. This software will only allow us to capture hashes of the signals that we send through our local network, but then we will have to resort to other specialized software, like one of the two above, to reset the password.


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