How Can I See IP Address on Windows Computer?

How Can I See IP Address on Windows Computer?

How Can I See IP Address on Windows Computer? I want to show you a few tools on how we can see our IP addresses. The first of these, if you wish, you can see from the helpful websites on the internet.

What is my IP address to Google search engine like thisWhen you make a query, you can see the IP address of the device by logging in through the links that appear. You can also access it directly via the link below.

On our Windows operating system devices, right-click on the icon showing our internet connection in the lower right corner, then click on the phrase “Open Network and Sharing Center” and then press the button showing the ethernet status, press the details on the pop-up screen, and click the IP address next to the part that says ipv4 address. you can see.

Another method is to open the console screen by typing cmd with the CTRL+R combination from our computer. On the screen that opens, we write ipconfig directly and press enter from the keyboard. Details will appear. You can see your computer’s IP address where it says IP address or ip/4 among the details.

Technical Terms Related to IP Address

IANAInternet Assigned Numbers Authority, the organization responsible for defining IP addresses to computers for the Internet. It is a subsidiary of the ICANN organization.

Nat: Network Address Translation is the process of changing the network address information in the IP packet header by remapping it with an IP in the address space when a computer in a TCP/IP network exits to another network with a routing device.

IpV4: Internet Protocol Version 4 is the fourth revised and widely deployed first version in internet protocol development. With IPv6, it became the core of the Internet’s standards-based working methods.

IPV6: Internet Protocol Version 6, briefly IPv6 and IPv4 protocol, which has a 32-bit address structure, was developed by IETF when it became insufficient in addressing and caused serious problems . When IPv4 started to be created, it was not calculated that the internet would progress this much.

DHCP: Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol is simply a service used to assign IP addresses to computers in the system, as well as different parameters.

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