Market your Art Gallery on Instagram using the Guides

Instagram Guides is an amazing feature that I believe has great potential to increase awareness about your gallery, exhibitions, artists, and galleries. Many of your potential art buyers are already using Instagram as their first point of contact. Buying Instagram Followers

This feature allows for improved content discovery. These are created by curating a series of previous posts from your page, However, or from saved posts from artists’ accounts. Buying Instagram Followers

This adds an interesting dimension.

The guide provides additional context by including a title, However, cover image, introduction text and additional descriptions for each post. Buying Instagram Followers

Guides allow you to give your followers a more detailed or broader view of a topic than what you could create with one post or even a story.Below are some examples of museums using guides to promote exhibitions and sell art. I hope you are inspired.

Market an art gallery via Instagram

Hoot suite said it well. Guides are described by Hoot suite as a mix of blog posts and Instagram carousels. You can use them in many different ways to market your gallery.

You can create three types of guides.Products: You can use this type to showcase works of art. This guide is based on items purchased from your Instagram shop.


You can use this guide type in a similar way to an online viewing area on your website. You can choose from images that you have already posted or from profiles.

Places: If you are looking to highlight areas in your community that might be interesting for your viewers, However, However, this is the guide your gallery will most likely use.

How to use Instagram Guides in your art gallery

Guides are a way to find out more about art and services on Instagram without having to leave the platform.

Instagram loves when users spend more time on an account, However, as you probably know. Buying Instagram Followers

You can organize your messages by grouping posts in related categories. You could create a guide that lists different mediums, However, topics, and artworks, However, depending on the preferences of your clients.

Instagram Viewing Room

You post lots to support your exhibitions. Guides can be used to create more content for your Instagram followers. A guide can combine multiple posts and allow you to tell a fuller story on Instagram. Buying Instagram Followers

Curated gift guide – Select artworks that you have previously posted to highlight potential gifts.

Virtual Artist Studio Tours – Use Instagram to share images and videos of your artists in action in their studios.

Brand loyalty – A guide telling the story of your gallery’s values, However, and highlighting your outstanding staff would build brand loyalty. This is difficult to find these days with so much competition online.

Gallery services

A guide to help you engage the gallery in consultation or other services. Many people are afraid to ask questions without understanding what to expect. Your followers might not know that you offer services.

You can now provide more detail about what your gallery has available. People will spend more time looking at your content in the long-form format and have a better experience on Instagram with your art and gallery.

To take your followers on a new journey, However, add titles and descriptive text to your guide. You can also make your SEO easier by writing new copy. Buying Instagram Followers

Your gallery can also use the Guides format as an additional way to create new content. This will help you build or strengthen your reputation as a subject matter specialist aligned with your gallery program.

To build brand loyalty among your Instagram followers, However, include tips and advice when necessary. You can also share guides via direct messages and stories.

Example of guides for marketing your art gallery on Instagram

These will inspire you to create your own art gallery.Promote a gallery show via Instagram To promote the Point art gallery exhibit sales strategy.Buying Instagram Followers

Instagram guides are a great way to share longer-form content with your gallery’s viewers. These guides are a great way to learn, discover, However, and experience new things without having to search through every post in your feed.They have many marketing options for an art gallery on Instagram, However, I believe.

These are easy to set-up, However, share, and even direct messages to potential art buyers.This feature should be part of your future Instagram marketing strategy for art galleries.

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