Factors that Determines the Cost of Essay Writing

Being an undergraduate, you already have a lot of things on your plate; from juggling classes and extra-curricular activities to supporting your living, you are already working a part-time job. Living in an expensive country like Australia and not earning in your graduation years is difficult to live the life you wished for or have fun every weekend. To destroy your weekend plans, there are various academic projects with a deadline so close that they will need a lot of your time. And when you are already juggling, it is difficult to focus on one thing. Lacking time pushes you to seek essay writing help; however, there are some issues in getting help from the experts.

Other than finding a reliable and trustworthy service provider, you have to check that the service you are availing of is within your budget and not too expensive. The cost of an essay writing service depends on various factors, some of which are mentioned below.

The cost depends on:

There are various factors for you to opt for assignment help from the experts; however, knowing that the cost you are paying is for worthy work, here’s what things are considered the cost of essay writing.


How urgently you need your work is one of the factors in deciding the cost of the essay writing service. Suppose you have started working early on your academic essay and you know that you won’t be able to do the essay yourself. In that case, opting for essay writing help at that minute is a better choice rather than procrastinating. The late you will do, the more you have to pay as some service providers increase their prices at the last minute. So, if you see that you won’t be able to finish the work before the deadline at that time, opting for help at the earliest will benefit you as you will be paying less compared to opting for such service later.

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Essay Type

Don’t mix it with types such as narrative, descriptive, persuasive, compare and contrast, or more. By type of essay in the costing line means the subject, whether technical, English, physics, accountancy, or any other subject. The costing determines by the factor of research. For an English essay, the research requirement and vocabulary are already stronger and best for the professionals to write your essay. However, it isn’t the same with technical or mathematical assignments as they require deep research and better accuracy. Although not every service provider offers all the subjects you need help with, choosing an essay writing help service provider look at the subjects they offer.

Word Count

The level of your studies and the word count of your essay is the next factor determining the cost you have to pay to the essay writer. Essays are maximum of 1000words long; however, some service providers work on a “per-word” system, where you have to pay according to the word count. Although apart from the word count, the level of your studies is another factor in determining the cost you must pay. If you are a junior-level college student, your fees would be different to those of senior level. If you wonder why that is, it is because the research depends on the level, and research plays a crucial role in every academic project. So, if you are looking for assignment help from a service provider, the amount you have to pay will depend on the word count and level of your studies.

These factors will help you the next time in knowing whether what you are paying for is worthy or not. However, one such worthy and pocket-friendly option for your essay writing help need is the Online Assignment Expert, assisting at affordable rates.

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