East Facing House Vastu Plan: Get a Best one

If there is one indisputable truth in life, it is that homes and spaces affect our mental and physical health in a big way. A recent study has shown that living in an east-facing home is good for your overall health, and it involves more than just the exterior design of your home. 

In this article, we will discuss the various benefits of the East Facing House Vastu Plan, and we will also provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to create an east-facing home.

What is the East Facing House Vastu Plan?

15 Best East Facing House Plans According to Vastu Shastra

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It is the direction you face as you exit your house if you are inside and in front of the entrance door. You have an east-facing house if you leave the home facing east.

According to East Facing House Vastu, having an east-facing house or apartment is one of the best things. The Sun rises in the east, giving early morning sunlight to those in an east-facing home if one considers it from a scientific standpoint. The bright rays of sunlight are beneficial for your health. The direction of maximal positive energy is extracted.

Vastu Plan for Entrance 

Let’s begin with the front door, which is the most basic. The Vastu layout of our east-facing home is to ensure that your entryway is precisely positioned in the center at all times. Make sure there is a 6-inch gap between the wall and the main door if your front door is in the northeast corner. Do not orient your primary entryway in a southeast-facing position.

You may place the Vastu pyramid on either side of the entrance or one in the center on top of the main entrance if it is unavoidable. Similarly, to eliminate the negative energy caused by door placement, you can use a Swastika sign, a trishul sign, or an Om symbol in the same locations. Additionally, there should be no object that will obstruct the front door of the home, such as a pole or a tree.

Vastu Plan for Bedroom

In an East facing house Vastu plan, it recommends that the bedroom face southwest. It should be larger than the other rooms in the house if you’re going for a master bedroom. In the room, the bed should be located against or west of the walls. While your head is in the south or west, ensure that your legs are pointing north or east.

Always avoid placing a mirror or any reflective surface directly in front of your bed. The master bedroom’s bathroom should face the bed directly, with the door closed at all times.

Vastu Plan For Kitchen  

The kitchen should be in the southeast corner of the home, according to an East facing house Vastu layout. Similarly, in the kitchen, the cook should be looking in the east. A northwest-facing kitchen would also be Vastu-compliant if the placement cannot be helped. In a northwest-facing kitchen, the person cooking will have to face west.

Cooking stoves, toasters, ovens, and other appliances are all placed in strategic locations. The area that faces southeast should be the one. This is said to encourage positive energy in your house. Storage units and refrigerators should be oriented in the southwest, according to an east-facing house Vastu plan.

Vastu Plan for Bathroom 

The southeast or northwest corner of an east-facing home’s bathroom should be used. Make sure that the bathroom isn’t close to any other room, guys. The northeast cannot be used as a bathroom.

Things to Avoid in East Facing House Vastu Plan

  • In the north-east corner, there should be no kitchen.
  • On the northern and eastern sides of the home, there should be no huge trees.
  • In the north and north-east corners, there should be no clutter, dirt, dustbins, or other distractions.
  • In the north-east direction, avoid stairs.
  • In the north-east direction, the garage should not be designed.

Which Color is Best for an East Facing House?

When it comes to decor and interiors, there are a few east facing house Vastu plan tips worth remembering. In the morning, an east-facing home is bathed in light. Green or blue are the ideal hues for your home. 

These colors take advantage of both natural and artificial light in the home, making them ideal for east-facing residences. These hues also help to maintain the home’s tranquility and coolness.

Is East Facing House Vastu Plan Good?

The houses that are more spacious in the east are often thought to be blessed with luck and fortune. Luckiest homes are those that are broad to the east and lower in elevation than in other directions.

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