Dress to Impress with These Party Wear Shirt Ideas for Men

If you’re on the page where you’re still figuring out what style a shirt gives you, you’re on the right track. To some, shirts are merely a component of formal attire that does not entice them in party attire. This assumption is quickly dispelled when you have a great selection of shirts for men to pick from.

Are you looking for some fantastic shirt ideas to wear to a special occasion? Well, you don’t have to keep looking when you’ve got us. All you have to do is take a look at this guide, and we’ll show you how to dress your shirt in various ways, including some uncommon styles. So, let’s get started on the styling.

Shirt Design Guide to Follow

Whimsical patterns

The days when women only wore florals are long gone. You get a beachier and party relaxed vibe when you get your hands on any floral-patterned shirts for men.

Whether you’re attending a formal wedding or a summertime beach party, these shirts will serve you well in a multi-faceted strategy. This party season, a fabulous pair of trousers or jeans or a relaxed pair of beach capris for pool parties are the ideal options.

You must be willing to take chances and attempt new things to try out this tropical pattern without worrying about how it will turn out. It would be the season’s ultimate relaxed ensemble.

Self-created designs

With this party shirt, you get a casual, bold, relaxed, sassy, and whatever else you want. A self-design is a terrific way to dress yourself up in layers of clothing that each have its distinct scent.

These shirts provide you with an edgy look that is more than enticing. You can try some grey self-designs with cool trousers for a laid-back vibe in the office or at the party.

It’s a great choice for night parties, as the dark forces you to be edgy in your attire. A textured self-design grey or navy-blue shirt looks great with black pants and can be finished with a party jacket.


Many of you may already have a concept of what these shirts for men are, but we often fail to style them properly. The two sides of owning and styling are vastly different. These shirts are the epitome of well-tailored shirts that ace the look worn with tuxedos.

Also, if you’re going to a hot summer party, a bow and shirt look with cuffs will make you look neater and more polished. If you want to be more serene and uncomplicated with your shirt design with a wingtip collar, the mild white color would be preferable.

Shirts with ethnic designs

Shirt for men and women

Have you longed for a relaxed and laid-back shirt motif to wear to a traditional occasion? Even if you’re going to an ethnic event, shirt styling is always a good choice. All you need is an ethnic motif collar embroidery shirt for men to make your choices stand out.

You can also go for a more colorful and ethnic style by using a tie-dye pattern. These ethnic motifs will be your fantastic styling partners for everything from cocktail parties to pre-wedding celebrations because they bring the highest level of simplicity and excitement to your apparel.

So, with this shirt idea, let the styling be unique.

Collars with cutaway edges

Without a black shirt, no outfit or wardrobe is complete. Now for the design: a black cutaway collar is a statement shirt that you can’t afford to overlook. This shirt idea will give you the most convenience and styling for a bold and sharp look.

You can wear it to a club or a formal office party by pairing it with navy blue or grey trousers. It’s like a lifesaver when you can’t find anything to style in your wardrobe.

With its classic feeling, this shirt is everything you need to attend to those occasions with crispness, edginess, striking looks, and so on.

Colour blocks

Men’s shirts in white and black are another relic of a bygone age. Now is the time to be creative and adventurous with the colors of your clothing, whether it’s shirts, tees, or trousers.

As evidenced by Instagram bloggers ‘ fashion stories, a color block shirt and some creative colors and patterns are all the rage. Insta bloggers have shown us various ways to wear color block shirts to any occasion, whether official, relaxed, or a weekend getaway.

So, get ready to make a statement with some color block shirts and a classic shirting vibe.

Get the Shirting Done Right

Now is the best time to amass a collection of some funky shirts for women and men and flaunt them on every occasion or party you head out for. 

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