Don’t delay: 5 reasons why pet insurance is as important as ever

Many people have health insurance for them and their families. And whilst these plans cover the family’s human element, they don’t cover the pet part of the family. However, the unfortunate reality is that our furry little friends are as susceptible – if not more – to health problems, it’s easy to see why you might want to reconsider leaving your little one without any coverage. Top pet insurance is more important than ever before, and here are five reasons why you shouldn’t continue to overlook it:

  • It can save you money long-term

When your furry friend is unwell, you can easily use their plan to save you money. Naturally, this is the most obvious benefit of such coverage, and the first thing people consider when enlisting a plan.

Depending on your provider, there is typically a small deductible you have to pay to make a claim. Once this is met, the provider will cover a certain percentage of the bill, and you will simply pay the rest – a sum that is often much less than if you didn’t have a plan at all.

  • It allows you to prioritise their health

Through having a plan, you can prioritise their health and worry less about the cost of veterinary bills. You will be able to cover their bills instead of worrying about how much it will cost and this is great for their health and wellbeing. This peace of mind is something that can’t be sacrificed for the fear of how much the actual plan costs!

  • You have more treatment options

A solid plan will allow you to afford and choose many different treatment options. You will have to provide life-saving treatments that you may have otherwise not been able to afford. These treatments can be incredibly expensive without a plan, and you never know if your dog or cat will suddenly fall ill, so it’s best to have a solid plan in place for if this unfortunate event occurs.

  • It saves you money on added expenses

If your dog or cat is hospitalised, the top pet insurance provider will help cover the cost of the fees. This means you don’t have to worry about whether you can afford expensive treatments for your furry family member. You don’t want to sacrifice your little friend’s treatment because of the cost – a certain degree of coverage can help you pay for added expenses!

  • You can pick your vet

Human health insurance often requires you to pick specific doctors, but the animal equivalent allows you to choose who will treat them, nor will you need a referral to have them see a specialist, meaning they can receive treatment on holidays and after-hours with the plan covering the fees. Having the ability to choose a reputable vet is one of the best things about having a plan, as you can trust that a true professional who cares about their health and wellbeing will look after them.

As you can see, having a top pet insurance plan is a great way to ensure the health of your favourite little friends. It provides the optimal peace of mind that  a true professional will look after your cat or dog and you won’t have to worry so much about the expenses incurred when they see them.

For this, and the other reasons listed above, are some pretty good reasons why coverage is as important as ever!

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