Does Wood Flooring Increase Home Value?

Every home is designed differently. When people design the interior of the house, they make sure that everything starting from ceiling to walls to furniture, everything is new, contemporary and up to date. But what about the floors of the house? Many people ignore the flooring design of the house. Do remember that wood flooring has a major role to play in the interior of your house and increasing its value.

It makes the rooms look smart and attractive; and most importantly, it gives you a warm vibe. Also flooring has a major role to play in keeping you healthy and disease-free. You can choose different types of floorings for your house. But have you ever thought about wood flooring?

Hardwood floors have a lot of benefits. The interior of your house gets an extraordinarily unique look. It definitely increases the home value. According to the report (by CNN), the value of your home increases by three percent to five percent with hardwood flooring.

It is cost- effective and may take days or even a week to get installed. Overall, having wood flooring at home will be a good investment. They are of different types. At Floorsave, you will find different types of hardwood flooring, such as solid oak flooring, herringbone engineered flooring, vinyl click flooring and so on.

Let us now look at some of the factors of the hardwood floors that help in increasing the value of the house.

1. Hardwood Floors Are Of Different Types

As already mentioned wood flooring is of different types. So the average cost of different wood floors may vary depending upon the types of hardwood you are using and the square feet of the room. In other words, we can say that price fluctuates because of the type of wood you choose. For example, the prices of the solid oak flooring, herringbone engineered flooring, real solid wood flooring, brazilian walnut, tigerwood and so on differ from one another.

But one of the most interesting things is that harwood floors, once installed, remain perfect for years without any damage, if maintained properly. This means, you do not have to change the design of the flooring at a regular interval. Hence, having hardwood floors at home is a good investment.

2. The ROI Of Wood Floors

Until now, it is clear to us that having hardwood floors at home increases the value of the house. But are you aware of the Return On Investment, if you are installing hardwood floors? So if you have hardwood floors, the value of the house increases by five percent. But for that you have to make a good quality investment. The better the quality of the wood floor, the more return you will get. According to the experts, the ROI for the wood floors is somewhere between 70-80%. But do keep it in mind that you need to invest on the wood flooring depending upon the budget you have. If you do not want to sell your house immediately, but after a few years, you can gain a lot of profit.

3. Rooms That Help In Increasing The Value Of The House

Wood flooring does increase the value of the house. But do you know that there are certain rooms, where, if you install hardwood floors, increase the value of the house immediately? Believe it or not, it is a fact that some rooms do increase the value of the house, if they are renovated and designed properly. When buyers come to purchase your house, they focus mainly on the living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. Kitchen and bathroom are given more importance.

If the wood flooring of these rooms is rightly done and the customer is convinced, consider that ninety percent of the business is done over there itself. Renovating the kitchen and the bathroom with the best hardwood floors will be your first priority. Then move to the other rooms and areas such as the bedroom, living room and dining area. If the flooring goes well with the cabinets, colour of the walls and ceilings of the rooms, consider that the value of the house has already increased.

Summing Up

Wood flooring does increase the value of the house. You need to invest in it wisely. You can use different types of hardwood floors, depending upon your budget. A bit of renovation, and the value of the house will reach the sky!

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