Discord: the platform your students love

The way of communicating has changed since the arrival of WhatsApp. Phone calls were changed to text messages. But another revolution brought the world of online video games since when played in teams, they need more advanced tools than just messaging, such as video and voice communication in real-time.


In the context of quarantine, you have likely incorporated tools such as Zoom or Microsoft Team when making video conferences. Still, in the video game industry, a more natural and revolutionary device called Discord is used by today’s young people.


It is a platform, a kind of community that is becoming very popular worldwide thanks to its versatility. It is a perfect application to meet friends and colleagues, organize games, and above all, it allows you to talk to other people while playing without using many internet resources that affect the performance needed.

This application has versions for both PC and mobile devices. Also, it has many functionalities, allowing you to chat by text, voice, and even hold video conferences, with a maximum of 99 simultaneous people, all with a free application.

The instant messaging ‘app’ has become one of the platforms that have best surfed the pandemic wave, going from being a niche service only for video game lovers to being a global ‘app’ used by millions of people. And everything indicates that the best positioned to take it over is the Redmond giant, in exchange for nearly 10,000 million dollars (about 8,000 million euros).

The advantages of this platform are:

  • Anyone can create a  Discord server for free, creating and maintaining it on Discord’s infrastructure. It’s super easy.
  • The servers are private; people can only join them through invite links.
  • Users can join up to 100 different servers. Each server is like a separate community.
  • Servers can have text channels (embedded images, videos, etc.) and voice channels, and the server owner can customize the track to unexpected limits.
  • Many apps and bots are available to increase the medium’s functionality.
  • You can stream directly with Discord.
  • It has a version for all devices. It even works from the browser.
  • The rate of updates and new features is constant. Far superior to any other rival.

Discord in the field of education

We are probably wrong when thinking that other more popular Video Conferencing tools can be natural for young University students. The natural and seamless way of communicating on Discord makes this platform a favorite among students.

You can connect with your workgroup or friends all day, chat in real-time, chat messaging, or even set up a video room to hold your meetings or group work.

For Universities and teachers, this can be a great discovery, and it is an option to evaluate as an educational resource since, being a platform in use, we eliminate rejection factors that other technologies present.

Although the media itself assures that no one officially confirms this approach and that there are doubts as to whether the buyer could finally be another (there is talk that Epic, the creator of Fortnite. The truth is that the movement of Microsoft looks solid and quite logical to different experts. The company is remodeling its video game area and enhancing its communications applications, so the purchase of Discord could fit perfectly into these changes. In addition, Nadella is also interesting in buying TikTok and Pinterest to continue looking for big-name purchases.


Discord is a messaging ‘app,’ but not just any. Similar to Slack, it was created for gamers to converse by text, audio, or even video while gaming, and during the pandemic, its use spread as a place to go to talk and hang out as much. with friends as with strangers. Great creators have generated large communities in this network, and their name resonates more and more among the large internet platforms.

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