Difference Between Biologique Recherche P50 and P50 1970

You’ve probably heard of Biologique Recherche P50 before and how powerful this magical lotion is, but you may have also heard that the original P50 1970 formula was even better. So, what’s the difference between the two? Which one should you use? Well, we’re here to clarify any confusion about these two products so that you can make an informed choice about which one to buy (or if you want both). Let’s dive in! 


The first difference between the two products is the ingredients that constitute the two lotions. Biologique P50 contains phenol at a concentration of 0.5%, while Biologique Recherche P50 is phenol-free. Phenol is a powerful antiseptic and antibacterial agent, so the increased concentration in Biologique recherche P50 1970 makes it more effective at exfoliating and smoothing the skin, improving the skin texture. 

Biologique Recherche P50 contains glycerin, menthol, eucalyptus oil, and camphor oil; these ingredients provide a tingling sensation that helps stimulate circulation to the area being treated. However, unlike Biologique Recherche P50, Biologique P50 1970 does not contain alcohol or any other drying agents, which means it’s gentler on your skin. 

Biologique P50 1970 also has a lower concentration of benzoyl peroxide than Biologique Recherche P50, which means it’s less likely to irritate the skin or cause excessive dryness when used directly on the skin compared to Biologique recherché p50. 

Lastly, Biologique P50 1970 is made without alcohol, so it can be applied directly to the face without fear of drying out the skin. In contrast, using an alcohol-based product like Biologique Recherche P50 on the face can increase dryness by decreasing moisture levels in the outer layer of the skin. 

Product packaging

Regarding product packaging, there are key differences between biologique recherché p50 and the original biologique p50 1970. First, Biologique P50 comes in a modern pink pump bottle, while Biologique P50 1970 is packaged in a traditional bottle with a dropper. 

Second, the label on Biologique recherché P50 is white with green lettering, while the label on Biologique P50 is green with white text. Finally, Biologique recherché P50 has an ingredient list at the back of the bottle, while Biologique P50 1979 has no ingredient list on the package bottle. 


The other difference between the two products is the price. Biologique Recherche P50 is more expensive than Biologique P50 1970. The reason for this is that Biologique Recherche P50 contains more active ingredients than Biologique P50 1970. In addition, Biologique Recherche P50 is made with a higher concentration of active ingredients. These active ingredients make it more effective than Biologique P50 1970. Biologique Recherche P50 also comes in larger bottles and has a pump to control the quantity of product you use at one time. 

Currently, biologique recherché p50 retails from $140-$155 depending on the online store selling it. On the other hand, Biologique p50 original is hardly sold in most stores due to its scarcity. However, a quick search on amazon places the price at $32. 

Age Difference

On the other hand, Biologique P50 1970 is explicitly meant for people over thirty years. Biologique P50 1970 is a heavier exfoliating cream with phenol concentration that has a burning sensation on the skin- making it delicate for people under thirty whose skin is soft and tender. 

Formulation Differences 

The original P50 1970 was formulated with niacinamide, phenol, sulfur, lactic acid, and urea. Phenol, the most active ingredient in this formula, has strong antiseptic properties that help exfoliate the skin by penetrating deep into the pores. Due to the solid antiseptic property, the original Biologique P50 1970 has a burning effect on the skin. 

The ingredient in the new formulation is a gentle exfoliant that helps to brighten skin. Salicylic acid helps clear pores and prevent breakouts, while lactic acid helps hydrate and plump skin. Urea helps to keep skin feeling soft and smooth. 


The original Biologique P50 1979 has a powerful smell, thanks to the sulfur forming part of the formulation. However, this smell does not last long and can diffuse after about 5 minutes of application. 

On the other hand, the new Biologique P50 has little or no fragrance. However, some users say it has a scent that smells more or less the same as that of nail polish remover. 

Bottom Line

Biologique P50 and the original Biologique P50 1970 lotions are excellent at removing impurities from the pores. It helps calm redness and irritation on the skin caused by the sun’s UV rays. However, depending on the formulations of the products, the two products have different effects on different skin types. So, before deciding which product to use, check the chemical composition and its impact on your skin. 

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