Desert Safari Dubai Best Safaris for Adrenaline Tourists

Desert Safari Dubai Best Safaris for Adrenaline Tourists


Did the first five tours get your attention, but are you a self-proclaimed daredevil looking for something even more exciting? If that’s the case, I’m sure that one of the following desert safari Dubai tours in Dubai for thrill-seekers will be just what the doctor ordered!


1.    Dubai Evening Desert Quad Bike Adventure and BBQ Dinner

Hold on very tight because this exciting desert safari wants you to rev up your quad bike and take on the dunes yourself. Before the Dubai desert tour starts, you’ll get a full safety briefing on how to drive and control your vehicle. Then, your professional guide will start to cross the red dunes, and you should be brave and do the same. Each quad bike is made for one rider, and there is no way for a passenger to ride along.

After this high-energy activity wears you out, you’ll be served shisha and an Arabic-style BBQ dinner. As entertainment, you can look forward to a cultural show with Tanoura and belly dancing. You can also take a short ride on a camel in between relaxing in the camp. The tour starts at 3:15 pm and can be done as a shared or private tour for an extra fee.


2.    Dune Buggy and BBQ Desert Adventure in Dubai at Night

If quad biking isn’t your thing, but you want to see the Dubai desert more excitingly, a dune buggy is the perfect middle ground. This desert safari has buggies with two seats so that you can go with a friend or by yourself. The most important thing is safety, so each buggy has a full roll cage and a full safety harness. Before letting you loose on the dunes, your guide will give you a full safety briefing so you feel ready to take on the giant dunes.

The dune buggy ride takes an hour. When it’s over, you’ll get out at the desert camp and eat a big desert BBQ as the sun goes down. Make sure you take the chance to surf down the dunes before it gets too dark in the desert. The rest of your trip will be spent watching an Arabian dance show and talking with people who live in the desert. Female guests can get a traditional henna tattoo, a great way to remember a beautiful trip through the Dubai desert. This tour starts at 3:15 pm. On this tour, kids are welcome, but those younger than 18 must be with an adult.


3.    Dubai: 4WD Dune Buggy Self-Driven Guided Desert Adventure

This tour increases the volume by letting you drive your own Polaris XP 1000 customized 4-wheel-drive dune buggy. Pay close attention when you make your reservation because there are different options to meet your needs. For example, if you want to do this as a family, you can choose a one-seater, a two-seater, or even a four-seater! You can also choose between a one- or two-hour tour. and You will drive through some of the UAE’s most beautiful desert and mountain areas, such as Big Red, Pink Rock, and Fossil Rock. You will be given a helmet, goggles, and gloves; the buggies are top-notch. Children as young as 10 can ride in the buggy, but you must be at least 15 to drive it. To go on this scary tour, you must bring your passport or another form of ID. Most tours start between 8 am and 4 pm.


4.    Dubai: Self-drive 2000cc Ranger-Dune Buggy

This spine-tingling self-drive adventure might be the best Dubai desert safari for adrenaline junkies who want to go even faster. With your custom-made “Ranger” buggy, you can get closer to the sand dunes and feel every turn as you drive through the desert. These buggies can fit one or two people so you can sign up for this activity as a solo driver or with a friend. The driver must be 16 or older, and those between 10 and 15 must be with an adult over 16 years old.

There are two-time lengths to choose from. Whether you book the 4-hour or 6-hour tour, it will take 50 minutes to get there. On both tours, you can also try sandboarding and go for a short ride on a camel. The 6-hour option (which starts at 3:15 pm) includes the cost and time for a BBQ dinner in the desert and other activities in the Al Khayma Camp. Those who choose the 4-hour tour will only get soft drinks (starting at 7.45 am).


5.    Dubai: Hot Air Balloon, Desert Safari, Quad Biking, and More

This tour starts with a sunrise hot air balloon ride over the sand dunes and ends with quad biking and camel riding across the dunes. Depending on the weather, your flight will last between 45 and 60 minutes and give you a new way to see the sunrise. You won’t have time to get jelly legs because as soon as you land, you’ll go on an exciting quad bike ride before most of the morning tours arrive.

You can also ride a camel, which is fun, and sometimes you can also ride a horse. Not to mention meeting the falcons in the traditional Bedouin camp and diving into a gourmet Arabic breakfast. This is the best desert safari in Dubai for thrill-seekers who want to see the red dunes from different angles. It’s great for couples and families; kids over 5 are welcome to join. This package doesn’t include dune bashing, but the other activities make up for it, and quad biking is already included when you book. Because hot air balloon rides have to leave early to beat the wind, this event starts at 4 am.

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