Creating an Email Account without a Phone Number

Nowadays privacy is a major concern of people and this is because of increasing fraud and cyber crime day by day. Because of this people avoid providing their personal details like their phone number, etc on various online platforms.
Among these online platforms come Email, since the world is developing so rapidly and majority of things have been gone online people are now bound to have email addresses which they can use for professional as well as person use. There are many people who are looking forward or are struggling to find email that doesn’t require phone number and for such users this blog is the best choice to know about it.
We welcome you in this blog where you are going to get to know about a list of emails which do not ask for phone number. So, without wasting any single moment let us dive into the world of emails and get to know about emails without phone.
Let us tell you that signing up with is extremely simple because you as users do not need to provide phone number. You need to just fill in the desired email address you are looking for proceeding you need to provide a security question along with answer for security reasons. Now lastly, you just need to create a strong password for your account and that’s it you are all set to use you email account on
The email service provides its users to attach files upto 30 MB and have a total storage of almost 65 GB for the users accessing it. If not phone number then to create an account on this platform the users need an alternative email.
Tutanota is an email without phone verification and this is considered as one of the best email services all across the world. It has 1GB of Storage space for the users and not only this but it also provides anonymous sign ups for the its users. The best part of this mail is that the users can anytime have a conversation on this platform and has complete security as it is encrypt.
Another fascinating fact about this platform is that it does not have advertisements to trouble its users while they access their email account. This is an open source and is fund by donations to work. Along with this it also has premium service which the users can buy if they want to.
GMX mail is another email without phone number which is also known as Global Mail eXchange. This platform is running since 1997 and is a reliable one which the users can use. The users using this email service and not asked to submit phone number but instead of this the users are ask to fill in an alternative email for signing up. The users can attach files upto 50 MB using this platform. If the users want a reliable and amazing platform to access email services then this is the best one for them which they can use.
If the users want to create email without phone number then proton mail is a good choice for them as this Switzerland based email service provides free email services to users that too without even asking for a phone number. The best and amazing feature of this mail platform is that it has an extensive and huge collection of 500 MB and besides this the users can also send emails upto 150 per day.
This email service has another exciting feature which other email services do not provide which is end to end encryption for users’ privacy. Users can send password protected encrypted emails which will expire on its own after some days. This is the reason why this email is pretty much famous and many users all across the world access it.
If the users are looking for a site which can provide them with the names of other such email services then they can cab anytime visit onlinehubb which is an amazing site with simple interface where the users can get the access to all the information they have been looking forward about email services which do not ask the users for a phone number.


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