Clove Shoes: Their Traits and Qualities

For nurses, Clove shoes include a slew of special characteristics. The most obvious of these are their water resistance and ease of cleaning.



When it comes to water-resistance, or should we say fluid-resistance? First and foremost. As long as you’ve worked at a hospital, you’re certain to get something on your shoes. It’s going to happen, whether you like it or not.

Shoes that are fluid-resistant are not only necessary for safety, but they are also incredibly comfortable. One of the most inconvenient experiences is working with damp shoes the whole shift.



Clove’s easy-to-clean surface goes hand in hand with its fluid resistance. Even though I don’t know what they’re composed of, I can tell you that they’re really easy to maintain. It doesn’t matter if it’s grey or not.

Easy to clean while still providing a sturdy layer of protection. Only a few of shoes provide this level of protection and hygiene. Clove, on the other hand, manages to keep its permeability to a minimum while yet feeling breathable.



Clove’s shoe is only available in men’s and women’s sizes. There are a total of four distinct shades (plus a special edition color), you can get it from cloves discount code.

It’s simple, but things also make it easier. Why? The best part is that you don’t have to bother about trying on several shoes to see which one looks best on you; they’ve already determined that this shoe is the perfect match for your feet.

All white (greyish) through pink and even turquoise are available (special edition). While these colours go well with scrubs, an all-black version would be preferable.



One of the best pairs of shoes I’ve ever worn. When compared to shoes like Vessis, they don’t give as much comfort, but they come close (they do provide more protection and cleanliness).

They have a “marathon-like” look and feel to them, making you want to wear them all day long. OrtholiteTM odor-fighting and odor-resistant sole inserts are also included in the package, as well. Simply wash these inserts when they get soiled and they’ll return to their former splendour.

Finally, Clove has a complete rubber sole that provides excellent traction. Traction and grip are both enhanced, as is the shoe’s overall comfort, thanks to its sole. While wet, they still have excellent traction.


Clove Shoes Review

Clove shoes: How do they work? And we think these are the greatest shoes we’ve ever used for breastfeeding.

Exactly what does that imply, and how can I explain it? Despite the existence of shoes that surpass Clove in certain categories, Clove combines all of these strengths to create the best-in-class nursing shoe available.

Later on, we’ll look at some more options for nursing shoes. In addition, we’ve already compared the shoe brands Vessi and Clove. So, now that we’ve established that we adore these shoes, let’s move on to some of the reasons why.



I knew they were exceptional the first moment I put them on. There is no doubt in my mind that these were made with nurses in mind (and other healthcare workers). In addition to being comfortable and fluid-proof, they also serve an important practical purpose.

Clove shoes for nurses provide the greatest benefit in terms of usefulness. Working with these people is a piece of cake. Putting them on and taking them off is a breeze. If they get dirty, all you have to do is wipe them down. Using soap and water, the sole inserts can be resurrected. These lace up shoes with ease.

Clove shoes are extremely practical for all of these reasons and more. It is possible that they are not the most attractive or comfy. However, as I already stated, they blend all of the greatest features into a single product.


The First-Shift Impressions

We had a great first day on the job. The straps and fitting required some minor tweaking at first, but after they were perfected, they were fantastic.

During a 12-hour night shift, there were no noticeable difficulties with comfort or foot tiredness. The waterproofing and fluid-repellent properties were also flawless (downpouring rain on the way in).

By the end of the night, when your feet usually start to suffer the most, we had no more issues.


Clove Compression Socks

Clove also sells compression socks, which you can get for free when you place an order with them. Designed to keep your feet fresh and comfortable throughout the day.

They offer a compression level of 20-30 mmHg and reinforced cushioned soles. Swelling is reduced and blood circulation is boosted by the applied pressure. To put it simply, they’re extremely comparable to the compression socks worn by patients in hospitals.

To round things up, they come in three different sizes. And there are four colours to choose from, too!


Clove vs Nurse Mates Shoes

There are a few significant distinctions between Nurse Mates shoes and Clove.

First and foremost, there’s the aesthetics. The design of the Nurse Mates Velocity shoes is a more traditional one. Clove, on the other hand, offers a more contemporary interpretation.

The lacing is the next step. Nurse Mates, on the other hand, use a more conventional lacing approach. However, we prefer the Clove shoes’ lacing approach over this one.

They both have a protective outer shell, but the materials are different. We’re not sure which one we like, to be honest. Nurse Mates, on the other hand, has a wider selection of printed patterns and hues.


Clove vs Dansko Shoes

When you hear the term “traditional nursing clogs,” you probably picture Dansko shoes. They have a tougher outer shell, making them more durable and protective.

Furthermore, in addition to the actual design, the materials utilised are also varied. The leather upper shell of Dankso clogs has a strengthened feel to it. A sturdy rubber sole completes the package. The level of convenience is by far the most notable improvement.

While some nurses adore their Dansko boots, many others find them unbearably inconvenient. Choosing Clove nursing shoes means choosing a pair that is more than just comfortable; they are also stylish and breathable.


How to Tie Clove Shoes

It’s not like trying on a pair of sneakers when you’re trying on Clove. As these shoes don’t have laces like other shoes, you’ll need to get creative.

However, this isn’t really a problem because they aren’t supposed to be retied. Putting them on is as simple as stringing them up once, stepping into them, and tightening them up again.

Clove shoe tying instructions are as follows:

  • Step into the shoe with your foot.
  • Begin by loosening the laces at the bottom and work your way up.
  • Start by loosening the laces at the base of the shoe and work your way up.
  • Pull the top laces once you’ve reached the top of the shoe and the laces have been tightened.
  • To ensure a secure fit, lower the holder all the way.
  • To re-tighten them, simply slip them back on and pull up on the holder.

Despite the fact that this isn’t the most common way to tie shoes, it has numerous advantages for nurses. Putting on your shoes has never been easier, and you can easily readjust your position while working a busy shift.


Clove Shoes Fit

What is the relationship between these two? Compared to regular size, these fit rather well on us.

Because Nike Free Run sneakers appear to be quite uniform, we always compare size to them. As a result, we received a 10.5 Clove shoe, which was somewhat larger and offered a bit more room than a 10.5 Nike Free Run. We had to tighten our straps a little more because of this.

Overall, though, we were delighted by how close the fit was to what we expected.


Final Verdict

Are Clove nursing shoes, then, a good investment? Definitely, in our view.

These are the greatest nursing shoes we’ve ever tested (let alone shoes in general). They’re soft, well-made, easy to clean, and ventilate well. For nurses who are on their feet all day, a shoe with all of these features is a must have.

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