Professional DIY Car Washing Tips for Car Owners

An owner can only define the love of a vehicle. But the reason for the attachment to cars is not just about how much you have invested in them; it’s about the transportation freedom and the adventure it brings with the ride. The car needs the same attention and loves it gives to the owner; to provide that; the owner must take care of the car’s standard requirements. 

There are many ways to maintain your car, one of which is to clean it regularly. There are a lot of good detailers to take care of your cars’ cleaning needs, like Sin City Detailers. But some people like to wash it themselves. One of the biggest reasons is self-satisfaction. Another reason is that buying products and cleaning them yourself is cheaper. Whatever you choose must be suitable for your car and increase its life. 

In case you choose to clean your car on your own, there are some tips that will help you do that. Follow these tips to help your car shine: 

The Pre-Cleaning Rituals

As much as you need to take care of the things during the car wash the same way, you need to take care of a few things before washing it. The before-cleaning care will make your washing process easy and faster. 

Car owners should wash their car by spraying water on it with a lot of pressure. You can use pipes and spray jets to do that. The pressure will remove all the dirt from the surface of the car and will give you a clean surface to start your journey. 

It is important to note that if you wish to skip the pressure washing and just wipe it with a dusting cloth or duster, your car is more likely to get scratches due to dirt on the surface. 

Ascending Order

In the case of cars, it is always the ascending order. Always starts from the tires and wheels. That’s the dirtiest part and needs to be taken care of first. Use water pressure on the wheels to get rid of all the dirt and gunk, and you can also use foam. 

If you choose not to clean the tire and wheels firsts, there is a chance that you are going to spread the dirt on other parts of the car once they are cleaned. 

Once you have eliminated all the gunk and dirt on the wheels, now start detailing it. Detailing the wheel includes using shiners to keep the shine of the rim intact.  

Advice for car owners, avoid using rough objects on tires. The brushes you are using to scrub the tires must be made up of soft bristles and the material approved for the tire’s material. 

Vacuuming to Get That Inner Dirt From Your Car’s Mats

Mats are the dirtiest part of a car. They receive a lot of gunk and grime on a daily basis. Wet shoes from puddles, dusty shoes from grounds, and sometimes food and drinks spill onto car mats. 

The first step to cleaning these car mats is to vacuum them first. Vacuuming them will get rid of the settled dirt and dead hairs from their mats, and it will leave a clean surface to be deep clean the stains and things that are stuck on the matt. 

Using brush-on mats is an excellent idea to get rid of the stains and substances that are stuck on the mat. Use a mixture of fabric softener, washing powder, and a little amount of bleach to clean the rugs. 

Vacuuming the upholstery and seats of the car is also a good idea to remove dust from the spaces before cleaning it with water and soap. But directly using water and soap on the seats and upholstery will make the dirt stick on the surfaces and will give you a hard time cleaning it. 

Don’t Wait for Your Mechanic to Treat Your Car’s Engine

The cleaning is not just about the surfaces of the car. But it is also about internal cleaning. Open that oversized hood of your vehicle and look for the debris, dirt, and leaves to remove from the engine. 

Moreover, Not cleaning your car’s engine is one of the reasons a hot engine can sometimes lead to engine failure, leaving you standing in the middle of nowhere. Remove leaves, debris, and grease from the surface of the engine from time to time to avoid paying a hefty cheque to your mechanic. Cleaning the machine will make it run smoothly and will help you maintain your car for a long time. 

Use Suitable Products 

There are different types of materials in a car. The outer body, seats, upholstery, interior, and engine are all made up of different kinds of material. This is why car owners should use specialized products for every car part. 

Using your regular washing products and bleaches on your car’s surfaces is a sin. Special cleaners and shiners are in the market to help you maintain the car’s original shape without damaging its material. Using kitchen products and ammonia will harm your car’s surface and leave you with an expense worth hundreds of dollars. These homemade and DIY cleaners show quick results. But in the long run, it may damage your vehicle and add becomes the reason for your car’s devaluation. 

A piece of advice,  avoid using products that may spark a fire when in contact with something flammable. 


Taking care of your beloved vehicle is an excellent way to increase its life. But in your journey of self-satisfaction, you must not forget that cars are different than other objects and have different needs. 

If you must maintain your car yourself, it is wise to take advice from experts like Sin City Detailers. Services that can not be done at your house and require human resources must be done only by experts. 

At the end of the day, it is your car, and you can maintain it the way you want. But you must value the amount spent on it. 

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