Study Tips to Clear CA Exams in the First Attempt

CA is one of the most difficult and recognized exams. It requires a lot of dedication and preparation to clear CA Exams on the first attempt. But why do you need to clear it on the first attempt?

As we all know that CA is one of the highest-paid professions in India. However, the CA salary depends on a lot of factors. So, if you clear the CA exams in the first attempt with an all-India rank, then your starting salary will be around 20-25 lakhs.

But if you clear these exams with more attempts, let’s say 4 attempts, then your starting salary will be 8-9 lakhs. Therefore, your CA exams result will be going to play a crucial role,  in deciding your future, so why not work for the best?

Hence, we have made a list of study tips that are followed by the toppers and will surely help you in completing the CA exams syllabus on time and get the best result.

Eight Tips To Clear CA Exams In First Attempt

1. Get Enrolled in a CA coaching

Some aspirants prefer self-study, especially for the CA entrance exams i.e., CA Foundation. But, if you’re attempting the exams for the first time, the content, subjects, and course might seem vast and definitely new to you. Enrolling in CA coaching helps students understand strategies to clear on the first attempt. VSI Jaipur is the best CA coaching institute that offers proper guidance, study material, and knowledge to CA aspirants.

2. Know the CA Course Syllabus

Knowing the CA exam syllabus like the back of your hand is essential when preparing for CA and planning to clear it on the first attempt. It helps in prioritizing important topics and focusing on them first. This makes sure that you’re preparing those topics that are actually important and not wasting your time.


3. Time Management is Essential

Where, how, what, and when are a few words that come to mind while giving the CA exams for the first time. Time management is the key to opening the lock of these questions. Hence create a timetable you can follow and you are comfortable with. Further, divide subjects into small sections and complete the section each day. VSI Jaipur allocates a personalized schedule to every student, depending upon their performance.

4. Avoid tons of Books

Students tend to grab tons of books when preparing for exams, especially in the case of the CA Intermediate exams. We know books provide us with knowledge and understanding of concepts, but too many books create confusion and chaos in mind about what to read, which book to read first, and leave students nowhere. Therefore, every student must follow the ICAI study material for all three levels of CA exams. These study materials are assembled by experts after analyzing the few years of CA question papers with answers. It helps the students effectively with their preparations.

Avoid tons of books to prepare for CA exams

5. Solve Previous CA question papers

Going through textbooks only does not help score high in the exams. Therefore, it is crucial to enrol in the CA exams test series. Additionally, it is the part of preparation where VSI faculties pay the most attention and boost students to solve previous papers. Furthermore, their mock test are as per ICAI format practice papers and is a great way to prepare for the exams.

6. Give Importance to Practical and Theoretical Subjects Both

Add both theory and practical subjects into your daily schedule. Studying theory throughout the day can be exhausting and consumes time. Further, choose two or three subjects from the CA syllabus, including one practical topic with a deadline to finish them all at once. Moreover, adding one practical topic to your timetable helps increase study hours and breaks the monotonous rhythm.

7. Understanding the concepts

So it is necessary to clarify the basics to tackle the subject. One cannot simply pass the exams based on memorization like in the graduation exams. CA exams are different and demand concept clarity to attain the desired result. Furthermore, VSI’s objective is to help the students with basic concepts and explain them thoroughly. They hold problem-solving sessions frequently for students to clear doubts related to subjects.

8. Visual Practices to Improve Retention

Prepare diagrams, tables, charts, or any other illustration that helps understand the formulas and various concepts. Dedicate some time to prepare these illustrations thoroughly and study them daily for a few minutes. Take the help of your teachers to guide you in preparing these charts to improve memorizing the syllabus better. This is more effective than just rote learning.

4 Habits every CA Aspirants must Adopt-

Cracking CA exams is not everyone’s cup of tea. One must work very hard to get success. Here are some habits of CA toppers which every student should adopt in the journey of becoming a Chartered Accountant.

  1. Consistency is the key and of utmost importance while preparing for CA. Whether it’s CA or any competitive exam, one cannot clear by studying just days before it. Therefore, make a schedule and follow it daily. You will have to achieve daily targets and finish the everyday topics. Also, make sure you have completed the syllabus in time so that, in the end, you have time to revise.
  2. Getting a good grip over the calculator will help you. Learn the shortcuts from your teachers and friends and practice them daily.
  3. Do not bunk classes. While preparing for CA, forget about the thought of bunking classes. Moreover, when bunking classes, you will miss out on the noteworthy concepts, tricks, and many other things taught by your teachers, which you’ll not find anywhere else.
  4. Work on your presentation and writing skills. Even if your answer is correct and the presentation is inadequate, it might lead to a marks deduction.

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So, these were a few tips to prepare for CA exams from VSI Jaipur Institute. These study tips and habits helped the student to secure a rank in CA exams. Each student at VSI receives a unique learning platform based on mock test results to help them improve and prepare for CA exams.

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