How To Thrive on a Budget and Save Money in College

You are not alone if you’re finding it hard to meet your ends if you are a college student. The rising tuition fees and the cost of living make it challenging to budget yourself. In this situation, you must be thinking to yourself that you can’t possibly save money. Well, we are here to tell you that you can, only if you’re ready to squeeze yourself and make some significant lifestyle changes. All this will prepare you for the future.

Save more than you imagined with these tips:

1: Stop Buying Textbooks, Rent Them Out Instead

Textbooks can be unimaginably expensive. Check to see if you can borrow books from a fellow student or the university library before going to the bookstore.

If not, Amazon is a great place to buy or rent old textbooks. Do check out Chegg or Barnes & Noble to get a textbook on rent. There are lots of other companies now offering textbooks for rent for students.

3: Grab Discounts on Your Student ID

For those with a valid student ID, discounts are offered on anything from clothing to laptops and even notebook computers. Big retailers like Apple and Adobe, J. Crew, Madewell, and Forever 21, offer discounts, which you shouldn’t be missing out on.

Hence, whenever you go, keep your student ID with you. Some internet providers like Optimum business internet offer discounts too. Always ask if a student discount is valid before making a purchase.

4: Ditch Cable and Stream Online

It’s no longer economical to subscribe to TV. Even the most basic plans can cost $60 per month, which is a significant sum especially if you are in college.

Ditch cable and sign up for streaming service. Since you’re living on a budget, you can share streaming services with your friends. Don’t go crazy over having a subscription to tons of platforms just to keep up the world. Only keep those where that air your favorite shows.

5: Use Transportation for Students

If you need to move around, try to take advantage of free public transportation. Many college campuses offer free shuttles and buses to get students across campus and to their housing nearby.

Some housing complexes even provide shuttle services to and from college for students. Check to discover whether you can take advantage of free transportation. This will save you so much money and will be a source of convenience if you don’t have your own car.

6: Start a Side Hustle

Taking up an extra job or two is a great way to save money in college. Although you’ll probably spend the majority of your time buried in a textbook, you can probably afford to work 15–20 hours per week to supplement your income.

There’s so much you can do online these days. Check out these ideas:

  • Become a social media manager
  • Offer Virtual assistant services
  • Walk other people’s pet
  • Mow their lawns

Don’t let go of any lucrative opportunity to make money.

7: Limit Your Takeout Food

While the convenience of buying ready-to-eat food is appealing, it will cost you substantially more than preparing your own meals at home. Food sold in restaurants and take-out shops is always expensive.

Adopt a healthier lifestyle. Cook your meals at home. Prepare meals in larger batches. You can always share food with other batch mates and become famous!

8: Make Your Own Coffee

If you are one of those who are always buying their coffee, this is for you.

A significant chunk of your money goes into coffee. You won’t have to spend $3, $4, or $5 on coffee every day if you make your own. Not only that but since you won’t be stopping at the coffee shop, you won’t be tempted to buy something extra with your coffee like a croissant or a muffin.

As a college student, you must make some sacrifices in order to save money. Of course, there’s no harm in stopping by your favorite barista once a week, don’t do it daily.

9: Shop in Bulk

Shopping in bulk always helps you save. You won’t have to make double trips to the grocery store in a month and you will have everything you need. Whether it’s snacks, toiletries, or other essentials, buy them in bulk for a discounted bill.

10: Pay Your Bills on Time

There’s a common misconception about credit cards. People have been told to believe that carrying a load from to month builds a good credit score. That’s not true at all! In fact, paying your bills on time helps you build a credit score!

Plus, late payments do not just mean you will be a fee and added interest but it ruins the score you have been trying to build. Save yourself the trouble and pay your bills on time. Set automatic payments so that you don’t ever miss out on a due date.

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