Best Internet Service Providers in Houston, Texas

Are you moving to Houston, Texas, and need to find an internet service as soon as you get there? Or are you a resident of Houston, Texas, and considering switching your internet service provider because you aren’t satisfied with your current one? Whatever your case is for looking for an internet service provider in the US, you have come to the right place. This article will explore some of the best internet service providers in Houston, Texas. 

Before you go looking around for internet service providers in Houston, Texas, you should first narrow down the quality or quantity of internet speeds you need. If you are into regular browsing and streaming music and movies, then 5 Mbps or more would be ideal for one device. HD video streaming and casual gaming require 10+ Mbps. With 20 Mbps or more, you can go for Ultra HD streaming and frequent gaming on two to four devices. If you have multiple devices and all of these devices are involved in simultaneous HD streaming or gaming, then 40+ Mbps is the best option.

Now that you have narrowed down your internet browsing needs, it is time for you to look through the internet service providers that are available in your locality in Houston, Texas. 

Xfinity – Widely Available 

This internet service provider is the most widely available in the US, which means it is very likely that you will definitely find Xfinity internet service in your locality. Xfinity provides cable internet service to households and businesses in Houston, Texas, however, Xfinity also offers fiber internet speeds. You can also avail of Xfinity hotspots all over Houston, Texas if you are out of your home and your data runs out and all you need is your Xfinity credentials to be able to use the public internet. Dial the Xfinity phone number to learn more about their internet service.  

AT&T – Greater Value

AT&T offers the greatest value and best internet speeds and it is available in selected locations only in Houston, Texas. You have the option to go for a reliable DSL internet connection with AT&T that is suitable for basic activities you can do on the internet such as web browsing, streaming music, SD quality movies, and infrequent gaming. Or you can opt for a fiber internet connection which is what AT&T is famously known for. Whatever type of internet connection you opt for with AT&T, whether DSL or fiber, you will be sure to experience a quality internet connection on your devices. 

CenturyLink – Cheaper Options

CenturyLink isn’t as widely available as AT&T, and its availability depends on where you are located in Houston, Texas; in some areas, you will be offered CenturyLink DSL internet connection and in some locations around Houston, you can sign up for CenturyLink fiber internet connection. However, if finances are one of the most important factors to consider when looking for an internet service provider, then CenturyLink is the best option that you will find in Houston, Texas.  

Frontier – No contract

Frontier provides DSL or fiber internet connection to neighboring areas in Houston, Texas. Frontier also has internet plans ranging from a couple of DSL internet speeds to fiber internet speeds, however, to sign up for Frontier Internet, you don’t need to sign a contract. This means that you can cancel the internet service without any pressure of a cancellation fee. This is the best option for you if you are surfing different internet speeds being offered in Houston, Texas. Who knows, maybe you won’t even sign to opt out of Frontier internet service. 

HughesNet – Best Satellite Internet Option

HughesNet offers satellite internet connection to its subscribers. Although it is the best option for rural and remote areas in Houston, Texas, people living in urban or suburban areas can also go for this type of internet connection. The best thing about HughesNet internet is its consistency of internet speeds all across the US. it offers just 25 Mbps internet speeds in all its internet plans, but this speed is the best that HughesNet offers. 

Final Thoughts

Each of the internet service providers mentioned above has one of the best features mentioned, and that is useful since you can consider these features to find the best internet service for your household in Houston, Texas. 

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