Benefits of Using Architectural Steelwork

-Steel structures have become common in modern architecture. Its high tensile strength, ductility, and malleability make it perfect for the industrial sector. It can bear the load of large buildings, and the long-life span of the structural steel is icing on the cake. The steel has a lustrous appearance and is resistant to corrosion, thus used for building offices, stores and other commercial buildings. Steel is one of the essential resources for the construction industry and is an ideal choice for architects, engineers, designers and contractors.

Let Us Understand Architectural Steelwork Benefits in Detail.

  • Durability: Steel is a durable metal that can withstand or bear all kinds of exterior pressures and natural calamities.
  • Environment Friendly: Steel can be recycled and hence does affect the environment in a positive way. Also, structured steel is energy efficient in comparison to other building materials.
  • Affordability: Steel is less expensive compared to other metals. It also has a long lifespan and requires low maintenance too. Hence, it is an economically viable option in comparison to other materials.
  • Lightweight: Steel is tensile, which means it has a high strength to weight ratio. This reduces the shipping charges and labour costs.

Steel is an architectural statement in the modern world. Whether it is a retail outlet, residential apartment or hotel, construction companies prefer structural steel over any other material due to its amazing benefits.

Performance of Structural Steel

Structural steel can hold much more weight than any other material. It can not only be use-d in commercial buildings but in homes, apartment complexes, and much more. Steel helps in building a robust and sturdy foundation, giving us more sustainable options.

Steel frames have a good track record of delivering vibration and acoustic-free buildings, thus can best be used in vibration-sensitive projects such as hospitals, theatres etc.

Choosing structured steel in construction saves time and money, as it can be recycle-d. Steel acts as a canvas for architects and designers that allows them to create anything they choose.

The construction industry has been using structural steel for a very long time. But earlier steel used was cover-ed by plasterboard or brickwork. Now, the steel frames are mould-ed into different shapes to make your building look aesthetically appealing. The steel used also helps in creating an illusion of space and light.

How to Make Metal/Steel Decorative and Corrosion-Resistant?

The industrial coating helps protect steel from deterioration caused by humidity, salts, and pollutants. An electrochemical method is a process of converting metal surface into a decorative, durable and corrosion-resistant and is known as an anodising technique. However, aluminium is ideally suit-ed to anodising, whereas for steel. Other methods are use-d to apply protective coatings, such as hot-dip galvanising and thermal spraying. It is use-d to protect structural steel from corrosion, chemical protection and even for aesthetic reasons.

It is essential to choose the best option while selecting a coating method for structural steel to protect your assets.

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