5 Signs that You Need a New Air Conditioner

Did you know that the average lifespan of an air conditioner is ten years, according to Energy Star? Air conditioners that are more than ten years old are more likely to break down frequently, require costly repairs, and struggle to adequately cool your home.

If your air conditioner is approaching the ten-year mark, it usually makes financial sense to replace it because, according to Energy.Gov, replacing your old air conditioner with a new, more efficient model reduces your AC costs by 20% to 40%.

Here are a few signs that you need to buy a new ac unit.

Your utility bills are going up.

Air conditioners account for 46 percent of the average household energy bill, which equates to more than $100 per month.

The older your air conditioner, the less efficient it is. You can cut your energy bill by half if you use a 15 Seer rated air conditioner, or even more if you use a 20+ Seer rated AC unit. Consider replacing an air conditioner with an 11 Seer rating or lower.

Your air conditioner necessitates costly and frequent repairs.

Your air conditioner becomes more prone to breakdowns as it ages, necessitating frequent repairs. As if that weren’t bad enough, the cost of these repairs continues to rise as parts become more difficult to obtain and labor hours increase.

If repairing your air conditioner will cost more than 20% of the cost of purchasing a new AC unit, you should strongly consider replacing it. If the repair cost is more than 30% of the cost of a new air conditioner, it is time to buy a new AC unit right away.

When deciding whether to buy a new air conditioner, you must consider more than just the cost of air conditioner repair. You must also determine whether the repair will solve the problem or is merely a band-aid solution.

Your air conditioner is having difficulty cooling your home.

Have you noticed that your air conditioner takes longer to cool your home or is unable to maintain a comfortable temperature as it used to?

If you’ve checked for clogs, made sure the thermostat is working, and that the motor is running smoothly, this is a major sign that your air conditioner is losing efficiency.

Wear and tear can frequently cause your air conditioner to stop cooling your home and even produce warm air. Frequent repairs will only provide a short-term solution. Our technicians are available for same-day emergency inspections and can provide expert advice on how to best cool your home.

Your air conditioner is making strange noises.

Is your air conditioner clicking, banging, clanking, or humming? These are all indications of potential problems that may necessitate the purchase of a new unit.

Constant clicking from your air conditioner is usually indicative of electrical problems. Electrical problems must be inspected by a certified technician as soon as possible!

A constant buzzing sound in an air conditioner can be caused by a variety of factors, including broken blowers or air filters, motor failure, and loose fan blades. You will have to hire a technician to determine you will need to hire a technician to determine the cause and scope of the problem.

Clanking sounds should not be ignored and should be addressed as soon as possible. They usually indicate that parts of your air conditioner have broken. If your air conditioner is clanging, you should turn it off right away because it will aggravate the problem.

However, if your AC unit is more than ten years old, frequently breaks down and necessitates costly repairs, is not properly cooling your home, is making strange noises, and your energy bills are high, it is time to replace it.

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